This is a big week astrologically, as the Summer Solstice approaches and is exact this Saturday. The Moon is waning – rising later and later in the night sky and each time appearing smaller and smaller, until she disappears completely this weekend at the time of the exact New Moon Solar Eclipse. This weekend is a time for grand new beginnings. Prepare yourself over the week to figure out what you would like to set into motion this weekend – what prayers you’d like to put out into the world. What would you like to let go of? Meanwhile, the other big event of the week happens on Wednesday when Mercury turns retrograde. As a result, you may want to use the first couple days of the week to sign deals, make contracts or purchase things with mechanical or electrical parts – things that you don’t want to do once Mercury begins its retrograde motion. It’s also a good idea to use this time to back up your phone and computer to a separate independent hard drive.

The week starts out on a feisty note with the Aries Moon calling the shots. As a result, you may feel more aggression and assertiveness in the air. There is a strong competitive spirit rising up and finding its way into every facet of your interactions. This is a great day for physical exercise – get those powerful emotions out through the form of a long run, hike, walk or bike. Choose yoga sets that challenge you physically. Consider also the album “Restore Your Personal Power” from Nirinjan Kaur with Matthew Schoening & Ram Dass.

The Moon enters calm, grounded Taurus on Tuesday morning, suggesting that this is a good day to slow down, relax and enjoy your surroundings. Treat yourself and your loved ones to a special meal. Enjoy pleasant, uplifting music all day. Dance around the house. Engage in creative, artistic projects. Nurture yourself.

Wednesday is the day that Mercury, the ruler of the mind, mechanical objects, and travel, turns retrograde. For the next three weeks, it appears as if Mercury is moving backward in the sky, as seen by our perspective here on Earth. As a result, things that are associated with the planet Mercury seem as if they are moving backward as well. This is a time to review, reflect and re-do. It is a good time to collect money that is owed to you. It is a good time to pay back loans and return items that you’ve borrowed. Keep in mind that if you are planning on traveling during this time, be prepared for delays, breakdowns, flat tires, and confusion regarding directions or instructions. Make sure your insurance and road-side assistance policies are up to date. Realize also that interpersonal communication will be off during this period as well. You may say something to someone but he or she may hear something completely different. Words get tangled and messages get scrambled.

The Moon in Gemini on Friday has our minds buzzing. You may be wearing many hats today and trying to bridge gaps between people who are unable to communicate to each other directly. 

Saturday is a big day. Not only is it the Summer Solstice, the time that the Sun enters Cancer, the longest day of the year for those in the Northern Hemisphere, but it also happens to be an exact Solar Eclipse. Wow – what an auspicious time to put your prayers out into the universe. With the Sun at the peak of its cycle, and the Moon at the start of her cycle, we have a unique opportunity to harness a wallop of spiritual energy and channel it into grand new beginnings for the future. This is an auspicious time to let go of what no longer serves you in order to open up to that which you would like to manifest.

Sunday is Father’s Day. Treat your Dad to something special. Let him know that you are thinking about him. Let him know how much he is appreciated. The mood on this day is cozy and sentimental. It is a good day to be at home and connect with your family unit.

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