The Moon is waxing to fullness this week. We are in the second phase of the Moon – she is setting later and later each night, and as a result, you may find yourself staying up later and later each night. By the time the weekend rolls around you may have a hard time sleeping at all. Whether awake or asleep, your nighttime brain activity will be quite active. Notice your dreams, especially towards the end of the week when the Moon is almost at her fullest point. Your unconscious mind is trying to tell you something.

The week begins on a tense note thanks to the fact that the Moon is exactly square with the Sun. The male and female polarities are at odds with each other at this time. You may find that people are rubbing each other the wrong way. It is easy to get frustrated with other people’s actions. Try not to get too worked up over the small things. People will be critical and nit-picky. Yourself included. Long deep breathing is your friend. The other thing that makes Monday extra challenging is that the Moon is void-of-course for most of the day. From 8am – 8:30pm EST (5am – 5:30pm PST), the Moon is off-duty. As a result, we have temporarily lost our sense of direction and intuition. It may feel like we are walking with two left feet. It’s hard to know which way to proceed. When in doubt, stick to routine tasks and make no major moves or decisions. 

Things come into clear focus on Tuesday with the Moon in harmonious Libra. This is a time to reset the scales. Balance is the word of the day. Make this your mantra. It is a time to focus on your own inner balance so that you can have greater balance with the people around you. Work together with others. Don’t attempt challenging tasks by yourself. Reach out for advice and assistance. Furthermore, it is a good day for romance. Libra is all about partnership. Offer a small gift to the one you love. Consider the gift of music. Sirgun Kaur and Songs of Eden’s album, “Let there be Peace” is the perfect choice, resonating with the Libra theme of peace and balance. Tracks of “Let there be Peace” and “Ajai Alai” will send you flying.

On Wednesday you may find clarity in the morning. Use this time to set your plan for the day, because at 11:15am EST (8:15am PST), the Moon goes void-of-course and for the remainder of the day, we are lost without our beacon of intuition and sense of direction. Use this latter part of the day for routine tasks, not big strategy meetings or decision-making sessions.

The Moon is in extreme, emotional Scorpio on Thursday, suggesting that people may be throwing around some very intense emotions! Everything is either hot or cold. It may be hard to find middle ground. Truth is bubbling up to the surface like the lava of a volcano. Taboo issues are being brought to the forefront. It’s time to face the challenging issues.

Friday is a good day to bring things to completion. Get it done. Stay focused and centered. Extra passion is coursing through everyone’s veins. Use it to your advantage. Get to the heart of matters, for better or for worse. The Scorpio Moon continues to rein, egging everyone on to their emotional limit – and beyond!

There is a cheery, optimistic feeling over everything on Saturday as the Moon slips into fiery Sagittarius. There is a sense of freedom in the air. Take a break. This is a good weekend to get out of the house and go on a road trip. Elevate yourself and others. Consult a spiritual teacher or teachings. Take the high road.

Sunday is Father’s Day – it is a day to celebrate. With the Moon almost exactly full in the sign of Sagittarius, emotions are running high and truth is coming to the surface. A new light is being shed on the relationship between you and your father. If you are a father, look to ways in which you can improve relations with your own child or children. 

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