The Moon continues to wax this week – growing bigger and bigger in the sky as she stays up later and later each night. Emotional tension is rising and will culminate at the time of the Full Moon this Friday. Take note that this Full Moon in Sagittarius is also an exact Lunar Eclipse. Truth is coming out into the open for all the world to see. Don’t be surprised if this corresponds to a spark that ignites a huge fire that has been getting ready to burn.

Monday’s Moon in Libra asks us to find balance. Consider this as a theme for your yoga practice and meditations. Consider the album, “Breathe for Balance” by Gurubachan Singh Khalsa. This juicy album is a compilation of mantras performed by several different artists including Nirinjan Kaur, Snatam Kaur and Mirabai Ceiba. Sink into the naad with sacred chants such as “Hume Hum” and “Waho Waho Gobind Singh”. Dance around the living room and most importantly, chant and dance with a partner. Monday’s energy calls for us to find balance with each other. Assess your relationships and note how they may be out of balance. Are you giving too much and not getting enough in return? Perhaps your emotional needs are not being met yet you continue to give and give. Maybe the reverse is true. Perhaps it is your partner that is giving to an extreme and not getting his or her needs met in return. Communicate in a loving manner. Listen to each other deeply. Find the balance.

The Moon goes void-of-course early in the morning on Tuesday. As a result, you may wake up in a fog, uncertain of which direction to take. Sleep in, attend to routine tasks and don’t make any major decisions or plans until the Moon moves into the next sign (Scorpio) at 12:06pm EST (9:06am PST). Use the rest of the day to complete tasks. Follow through with things that need to be finished. Get to the heart of difficult matters instead of just tending to surface issues. 

The emotional thermometer heats up on Wednesday as the Full Moon approaches. With the Moon in extreme Scorpio we may find ourselves going to extremes as well. People are either hot or cold. It may be hard to find middle ground.  You may find yourself going deep into taboo issues that no one wants to talk about. This is the time to get it out in the open and heal the most painful wounds once and for all.

There is another morning lunar void-of-course period on Thursday that suggests we are better off sleeping in and not making any major decisions or plans until the Moon gets back on track at 1:17pm EST (10:17am PST). For the rest of the day, explore areas of interest that excite you. It’s a time to elevate yourself and the people around you. Find your north star of truth and stay on course. Look to spiritual teachings and other avenues of wisdom to help keep your focused and on track.

The headlining event this week is Friday’s Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius. At this time, the Gemini-Sag axis is activated. It is a time to expand your mind – reach out to groups of people. Travel is favored at this time, although it may be limited or not possible. If this is the case, consider ways in which you can travel/learn virtually. This may be a time to sign up for an online course or finally commit to a teacher training that you have been considering.

Use Saturday morning to take care of routine tasks. Taking care of simple projects can and will be extremely rewarding during this time. The Moon is void-of-course so realize that your head may be in a fog. It feels as if we have lost our sense of direction. Intuition is off and doesn’t come back online until 3:44pm EST (12:44pm PST). 

Continue with your task list on Sunday. Even though Sunday is thought of as a day of rest, it may be hard to do so with the Capricorn Moon asking us to get to work and take care of business.

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