The Moon is waning. As a result, we may feel our emotional energy waning as well – especially during the first four days of the week. Use this time to turn inward and negotiate with your inner self with regard to what to do next. Get your head out of everyone else’s problems and issues and take a good hard look at what you’ve got going inside. No one can fix it but yourself. Have problems? It’s time to drop them.

On Monday, the energy starts out slow and sluggish but then picks up rapidly. Suddenly everyone wants to know who, where, and why. You may find yourself getting pulled onto the gossip train. Don’t go there. Again, focus on yourself instead of getting distracted by the comings and goings of the people around you.

Tuesday’s energy finds you running around from place to place, possibly wearing many different hats in order to accommodate many different people. You can be the bridge between worlds. Be adaptable. Connect with others. This is a day for light, easy communication. Deals can be made. A smile goes a long way. Use your charm. Be sincere. After 4pm EST (1pm PST), all bets are off. This is the time that the Moon goes void-of-course, suggesting that our intuition is off for the remainder of the day. We have lost our sense of direction. Make no big decisions or plans after this time.

On Wednesday, the Moon is at home in sensitive, emotional Cancer. Everyone may feel a bit moody today, so go easy on yourself and each other. Feed others. A good home cooked meal made with love will be a cure-all to all of your ailments. Good music and mantra can also do the trick. Consider Aykanna’s album, “Mantra Mala” to add to your collection. Beautiful renditions of powerful healing mantras such as Wahe Guru plus Aap Sohai Hoa combine with fun, uplifting numbers like “Funky Divinity” and “I Love You, I Thank You.”

The big news on Thursday is the New Moon Solar Eclipse. Both the Sun and the Moon are in the water sign, Cancer, thus putting our focus on home, domestic issues and our Mother. With the Moon passing exactly in the path between the Earth and the Sun, the Sun (our ego) is briefly eclipsed, or blocked. This is a good time to take an honest look at what is going on inside ourselves without letting the ego get in the way of our perspective. Furthermore it is a time to do an emotional reset and put something new into motion. First, however, we must let go. Let go of patterns and habits that no longer serve us. What do you need to give up? What food? What drug? Maybe it is time to give up sugar once and for all. Maybe alcohol or cigarettes are the things that have a hold on you. This Thursday is a good time to break the habit. Introduce something new in its place. If you are thinking about beginning a 40-day meditation or kriya practice, this is the day to kick it off.  Ramdesh Kaur’s book ‘The Body Temple’ has some great Kundalini practices for overcoming  addictions.

Friday’s energy has a sunny tone to it as the Moon officially comes out of hiding and starts to grow again. Her transit through happy Leo begins at 1:31pm EST (10:31am PST), suggesting that this is the time we feel our hearts and intuition coming back online and into focus. Connect with others. Have fun. Let your romantic, fun-loving side come out and play. Tonight is a good night for a date with someone you love.

Saturday is a time for kids. Spend time with children. Let your own child-like nature shine through. Enjoy the spirit of innocence that comes along with this kind of play. Dress up. Be silly. Have fun.

Sunday morning is a good time to sleep in. We are likely to wake up in a fog as a result of the Moon being void-of-course in the morning. It isn’t until 1:30pm EST (10:30am PST) that the Moon enters the next sign and we feel our intuition return. Sunday afternoon is a good time to organize, clean and plan for the week ahead.

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