The Moon is waning. In a sense this is a recovery week from last weekend’s intense Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. This week we find ourselves integrating and turning inward as we process the intense emotions and events from the past weekend. In addition, note that this is the last week of this period’s Mercury Retrograde. Use Monday through Saturday to finish tying up loose ends related to Mercury-ruled events. Review, reflect and re-wind. Finish collecting money or objects owed to you and furthermore, pay back loans and return items that you borrowed from others. This is not a good time to sign contracts, make deals or purchase anything with electrical or mechanical parts.

Be ready for unexpected events on Monday. There are likely to be some serious surprises that you simply are unprepared for. Go with the flow and let the universe take you where it wants to. What ends up manifesting may be much greater than anything you would have planned for yourself. Furthermore, this is a day to push the envelope. Your revolutionary spirit is revved up. Join the picket lines and stand up for what you believe in. This is a time to make change.

The Moon is void-of-course for the entire day on Tuesday. As a result, this is likely to be a very awkward and potentially challenging day. Our intuition is out-to-lunch. It is hard to make a decision of any kind because we are internally off-balance. Our sense of direction is off. We may feel we have lost our purpose. The best thing to do at this time is to attend to routine tasks. Remember that everyone is off. Interaction with others is difficult. 

The same is true for Wednesday morning. We wake up in a fog and still feel uncertain about how to proceed. Hang tight. hnin the morning. Do a yoga class. Our intuition comes back “online” at 2:13pm EST (11:13am PST). From this time through the end of the day, our minds are clear again. Our intuition is keen. Trust your instincts during this time.

Thursday is a good day to be creative. Dance, paint, play music and write. If you are looking for new inspiration in this arena, consider Ajeet’s single, “Dance of the Moon.” Let this rich and melodic track be your background music as you go about your day. Feel free to be artistic in the kitchen as well. Create a nice meal for yourself and loved ones tonight. 

Friday’s energy continues to have a dreamy, nostalgic and creative energy to it. This is a good day to take an excursion to a body of water. Go swimming. Connect with the water element and heal emotions that have been rising up to the surface lately. Pack a fun picnic and enjoy time with loved ones. If you are looking for romance, Friday night is the time to ask someone out for a special dinner for two.

The Moon enters feisty Aries on Saturday morning, suggesting that the whole day will be packed with energy. People are more assertive than usual. Be careful out on the roadways. This is a good time to exercise. Take care of excess emotions by going for a run or a vigorous walk. You have more physical energy at your disposal. Channel it into a productive activity instead of letting it fester.

Sunday is the day that Mercury stations and turns direct. As a result, it is a good day for meditation. Our mind comes to stillness as Mercury comes to stillness. Mercury will now be moving in (apparent) forward direction again, meaning that from this day forward, communication gets back on track, travel is smooth again and we are in the clear with regard to signing contracts and purchasing mechanical or electrical objects. In addition, take note that the Moon is at the start of her 4th Quarter phase today, suggesting that there may be tension between the masculine and feminine polarity. Don’t be surprised if you experience friction with members of the opposite sex. One side is being selfish, angry and perhaps a bit immature while the other side is extra sensitive and easily hurt.

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