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The Moon is waxing! This week, the Moon grows from half to Full as she approaches the time of a lunar eclipse that is exact next Monday. As a result, we feel our energy growing as well. The emotional temperature rises with each passing day. This is a time to tackle energetic, more physically-demanding yoga sets, as our physical energy tends to be stronger during this period as well. Look to examples such as “Kriya for Vitality” and “Kriya for Courage” which can be found in Siri Atma Singh Khalsa’s beautifully illustrated and easy-to-follow book Waves of Healing that feature kiryas for the ten bodies.

Dive into this book, it’s wonderful teachings, and lessons through Siri Atma’s personal experience as well as direct quotes and information from Yogi Bhajan. Monday is a good day to do so, since many other activities, including work-related duties may be off for the entire day. That is because the Moon is void-of-course all day, suggesting that we have lost our beacon of intuition. It is not a good idea to make any big decisions or plans. Just stick to routine tasks. Enjoy yoga and meditation.

The Moon enters the next sign on Tuesday, and this is the day that we have our wits about us once again. The Moon is in fiery Sagittarius now, supporting the energy from the fiery Leo Sun. It is a time to shine! It is a time for you to speak your truth and stand for what you believe in. Embrace the warrior energy within you. Do warrior pose. Connect with Guru Gobind Singh through mantras such as Jaap Saib.

Elevate yourself and others on Wednesday when the Sagittarius Moon continues to rein. Enjoy inspiring writings from a spiritual teacher. Subscribe to a magazine, podcast or online group that holds a specific area of interest for you. Expand your horizons mentally as well as physically.

The important event to note on Thursday is a three-hour void-of-course period during the latter part of the day. Everything is fine in the morning, but then at 5:38pm EST (2:38pm PST), the Moon makes her last major aspect to a planet, thus beginning a three-hour void-of-course time in which we feel as if we have lost our way. During this time, interactions with others may feel awkward or strained. Direction is unclear. Don’t make any major plans or decisions during this time. It isn’t until 8:37pm EST (5:37pm PST) that the Moon moves into the next sign and we are in the clear.

Friday is a day to get to work. Take care of tasks both at home and in the office. Jump on your to-do list and get it done. You will be efficient and productive. Take advantage of this time. You will be grounded, and others will be helpful in getting on board with whatever needs to get done. Set your sights high. At the same time, be mindful of who you give your time to. Put a limit on certain people or conversations that may be taking up too much of your precious energy.

Saturday is the time to finish tasks around the house. They may seem overwhelming at first. Don’t get discouraged. The most important thing to remember is, “start, and the pressure will be off!” The astrological energy of the day is helping you get started. Get the ball rolling. Stay grounded and focused as you work. You will accomplish quite a bit. Have fun with it.

Sunday’s energy is spontaneous and erratic. Don’t get too hung up on plans you’ve made. Instead, just let the day take you where it wants to take you. The energy is electric. Look out from unexpected information or people popping into your world. Also realize that the Moon is just about at her fullest point, suggesting that your dream state is likely to be quite active tonight. In fact, it may be hard to fall asleep at all since you will want to stay up and dance/party/howl with the Full Moon who will be holding court all night. Secrets are being revealed. Information is coming into the open. Important insights are coming your way. Listen.


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