Emotional intensity grows throughout the week thanks to the approaching Full Moon that reaches exactness this weekend. With each passing day, more of the Moon is revealed, and hence more information comes to light. You may notice more of your own truth rising to the surface and exposing itself for others to see.

On Monday, the energy is especially potent thanks to the Moon in passionate, controlling Scorpio. Power struggles may result as everyone tries to have the upper hand. People are going to extremes. It may be hard to find middle ground on this day. It’s one of those “all or nothing” kind of scenarios.

Finish the job on Tuesday. Go all the way. This is a day for follow through. It is also a time to get to the heart of difficult emotional matters that have recently risen to the surface. Don’t just put band-aids on symptoms. Dig deep and find the root cause of the difficulty. Other people may feel uncomfortable with the taboo issues that are being revealed at this time. Don’t let this stop you from addressing them. The lunar energy is supporting you in this difficult, yet important, work.

The energy lightens a bit on Wednesday thanks to the Moon’s entrance into upbeat, optimistic Sagittarius. Sag is asking us to take the high road. Look at the big picture. The energy of the centaur is that of the fire element, encouraging us to transform. Transform the anger into love. Transform the struggle with uncertainty into faith and surrender. Look to a spiritual guide or practice to help shed light on the situation.

Also consider uplifting, divine music to help elevate the situation around you. For example, Markus Sieber’s album, Aukai is one you can have playing in the background at home or at work to help soften the mood. If you are a massage therapist, this could be a great album to have for your sessions. The tracks are crafted by the hands of a number of different talented musicians playing a variety of instruments, including glockenspiel, pump organ, ronroco, cello, violin and many more.

Thursday is a day of expansion and hope. Consider ways in which you can expand your viewpoint and sense of the world. Plan a trip with family or friends. It doesn’t have to be far. Just get out of your normal world or routine for a bit. Even just experiencing a different kind of cuisine can do the trick to open yourself to something new.

Emotional energy is really escalating by the time Friday comes along. Friday may come in like a lamb and out like a lion. For most of the morning, you are good until 10:12am EST (7:12am PST) when the Moon goes void-of-course. From this time until 1:45pm EST (10:45am PST) you should refrain from making any major decisions or plans. Just follow through with routine tasks. For the remainder of the day, however, you should be quite productive.

The Full Moon is exact on Saturday night. Notice your dream state being more active. It may be hard to fall asleep. The Moon keeps us activated during the nighttime hours. This month, the polarities at work are the Sun in sensitive, nurturing Cancer opposite the Moon in determined, Earth-bound Capricorn. As a result, you may feel a pull between your home life and your career.

Maybe you are so interested in getting ahead at work that you are neglecting the people and issues on the domestic front. Maybe, on the other hand, you are so caught up in issues surrounding your home that you are not serving your ambitions out in the world around you. During this time of the Full Moon, the truth around these issues and what they mean for you are being revealed.

This energy continues to be intense on Sunday as the Full Moon lingers and the aftereffects resonate. Connect with others and get feedback with regard to the process that you’re going through. We are all reflections of each other. Remember that the other person is you. What you see in others may also be a true indication of what is going on within yourself. Pay attention.

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