There is a fun, optimistic feeling in the air with the Leo Sun presiding. This is the first full week of the Sun’s transit through this romantic, heart-centered, fun-loving fire sign. This is a time to go big, to enjoy and to be a kid again. It is a time when romance can flourish – and dramatic, grand displays of love and devotion are most welcome! In addition, the Moon is waxing this week. Our confidence and emotional strength grows as the week progresses. The Moon stays up later each night and each time appearing larger and larger in the sky.

Take note, however, that things may be a little rough at the very start of the week. Monday is the day that the Moon is squared to the Sun – a challenging celestial angle that often suggests challenges down here on Earth. Friction between the masculine and feminine polarities are likely. Both sides are being extra stubborn – and sensitive – and extreme! Power plays are at work. Everyone wants to be in control. Egos are threatened, no one is budging.

Tension eases on Tuesday but keep in mind that the Scorpio Moon is still operating. People are more emotional and sensitive than usual. The stinger is out! Keep in mind that this is a good day for getting to the heart of difficult issues. Unravel the root cause of issues or problems instead of just dealing with the surface matters. This is your opportunity to tackle taboo issues that usually get buried or go unnoticed. It is also a good day to follow through with projects that have been left hanging. Hunker down and get it done.

The Moon moves into optimistic Sagittarius on Wednesday, thus taking the angle with the Sun from a difficult square to a nurturing, supportive trine. In short, the two luminaries are in harmony today (both in Fire signs), suggesting a return to harmony among everybody. Solutions manifest. People are more flexible. Tension eases and forward progress is made.

Thursday is a day for elevation. Seek to understand. Reach out to spiritual teachers, texts and practices to help elevate yourself and others. Attend a gathering (online?) of like-minded individuals who are also on the path toward upliftment. If you are looking for a supplement in your own practice to help inspire and guide you, consider Snatam’s KaurSource of Strength“, with mantras like Aap Sahaa-ee Ho-aa and Mool Mantra to overcome challenges that may appear on your path. 

Friday is likely to be a very productive day. At 8am EST (5am PST), the Moon enters industrious Capricorn and for the rest of the day we are operating under the mantra, “get ‘em done.” We have an extra acute sense of time and we are guided to be efficient and focused in our efforts to complete tasks and start new ones. Go ahead and tackle your laundry list of chores today. You are likely to be extremely productive with your efforts.

The same is true for Saturday, “Saturn’s Day”. The additional influence of the Saturn energy reinforces the Capricorn mood and helps us complete and tidy up anything that was left undone the day before. Tackle projects around the house that you have been wanting to complete for a while. This is the time to do it. Be ambitious. 

Take note of the lunar void-of-course period on Sunday. From 10am – 2:11pm PST (7am – 11:11am PST), the Moon is void-of-course. As a result, we feel off during this mid-day (mid-morning) period. Our intuition is out-to-lunch and it is best if we don’t make any major decisions or plans. Just stick to routine tasks. Interactions with others are off and it seems as if we have completely lost our sense of direction. Have faith that it isn’t lost forever – it has only temporarily left the building! The rest of the day should be smooth sailing. Enjoy the company of others and go with the flow when surprises come your way. Sunday evening is likely to bring something wonderful – and completely unexpected.


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