This is the last full week of Mercury’s retrograde motion for this period of the year. The planet of the mind goes direct next Wednesday, the 31st. Until then, remember that we are still under the influence of Mercury’s apparent backward motion. As a result, use this last week to collect on any debts that are still owed to you and payback any loans that you are responsible for. Go through pictures on your computer and your phone, clean out the ones that you don’t need and backup the ones that you want. Remember not to buy anything with mechanical or electrical parts and allow yourself extra time to get where you are going.

On Monday the Sun enters Leo. This solar transit sets the background energetic stage for the next four weeks. It’s time to have fun. Be romantic. Everything will come with a little extra drama during this time. It’s all part of the show. It is a good time to express yourself creatively. Go to the theater with friends and families. Be a kid again. Have picnics on the lawn. Don your most attention-getting outfits. Leo is ruled by the Sun – the luminary that has all the planets revolving around it. As a result, Leo wants to have everyone and everything revolve around him or her. You may notice that egos start to expand during this time. You may find yourself in situations where there are too many chefs and not enough cooks in the kitchen! Remember the practice of ego eradicator – it will come in handy during this time.

There is more fire on the scene on Tuesday with the Moon transiting feisty Aries. This double fire combination of the Sun and the Moon sets the stage for transformation and action. Remember that Tuesday is also Mars Day – Mars, the planet of war and weapons, also the ruler of Aries. There is likely to be anger rising up to the surface. People are assertive, aggressive and hot-headed. They are ready to stand their ground and they are ready to fight. Burn through any blocks or karma that is standing in your way. Get out and exercise. Channel this energy into something productive. The choice is yours. 

There is tension in the air on Wednesday thanks to the square between the Sun and the Moon. The Moon is at the start of her 4th quarter phase, meaning that she is exactly halfway between Full and New. At this time there may be tension between the masculine and feminine polarities. The two are acting quite stubborn, not to mention the confusion this morning and early afternoon that is created by the void-of-course Moon from 10:48am – 5:42pm EST (7:48am – 2:42pm PST). 

Slow down on Thursday. Take deep breaths and turn inward. Friction may still exist among others. Focus on what you can do to calm your own mind. Consider some simple pranayam (one minute breath, perhaps), and then lay out in savasana with Dr. Hari Simran Singh’s “Gong II” album. Point your head toward the sound, sink into the floor beneath you and let yourself go.

Enjoy the pleasures of the five senses on Friday. With the Moon transiting grounded Taurus, we are asked to enjoy the gifts we have instead of worrying so much about what we don’t have. Share homemade food with others and take the time and conscious effort to appreciate every bite.

The mind is buzzing on Saturday. With the Moon in fickle Gemini, we may find that our attention is drawn this way and that. It may be hard for our brains to stand still. We will be wearing lots of different hats and juggling many different plates. Connect with others, be social and have fun. 

On Sunday, the Moon goes void-of-course starting at 11:24am EST (8:24am PST) and remains so for the rest of the day. During this time, stick to routine tasks. It is not a good time to plan for the week ahead. Don’t make any major decisions. Realize that connections will feel off. Go with the flow and understand that our intuition is temporarily offline. Don’t force anything. Just rest, relax and do yoga. 

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