Monday is the day of the New Moon in Cancer. It is a time of new beginnings. It is a time to shake off whatever it is that is bothering you and set new roots into the ground. Establish new patterns for habits and behaviors – ones that will serve you and bring health and wellness instead of self-destruction or self-pity. This is a time to start a new diet, make a new resolution and say goodbye to what no longer serves you – once and for all. If there is a relationship in your life that hasn’t been working out so well, this is a good time to let it go. Accept that the partnership is not serving either of you. Close the door on this chapter so that you can open the door to a new one. Bring cycles to a close. Plant seeds for the future. You owe it to yourself to start fresh.

The mood is boisterous and festive on Tuesday. Connect with children. Connect to your own child within. This is a time to have fun – and go big. Dance, be free and offer big hugs. Take the lead on projects and set an example for the people around you. Take note that at 8:27pm EST (5:27pm PST), the Moon goes void-of-course. For the remainder of the day, we have lost our sense of direction and intuition. Make no major decisions or plans during these last few hours of the day.

The headlining news of the week happens on Wednesday with the Sun’s entrance into Leo. For the next four weeks, the background energy will be that of the lion. Bring on the romance! This is a time to love and be loved. Open your heart. Let in the love. If you find yourself wounded or hurt in this area, take steps to relieve the pain. Consider a meditation, a kriya or some other practice that helps to heal old trauma so that you can fully embrace the love that wants to come pouring in your way. The Leo Sun wants us to have fun. It is a time to express ourselves creatively through song, dance, and theater. Indeed, the whole world may seem like a giant theatrical stage at this time. Drama is all around! Watch out for inflated egos. In fact, ego eradicator may be a good one to practice for 3 or 11 minutes a day during this time of the Leo Sun. You can also consider dancing all your worries and emotions away! You can find a wonderful playlist to inspire movement on Spotify.

The Leo Sun also wants us to connect with children, and our own child-like nature. Get down on the level of the kids in your life and relate to them at the place that they are at. Engage with books, puzzles, games and songs. This is a time to connect, share, learn and be inspired by their angelic innocence.

Thursday is a day to get organized and grounded. Take care of the details. Just make sure you don’t become too critical of yourself or others. Be patient and don’t hold yourself to such high standards of perfection. Trust that whatever the outcome is, it is perfect.

Go with the flow on Friday. Don’t try to push any sort of major agenda. Be flexible and you will find that what ends up transpiring is much greater than what you could’ve possibly planned for. Just take note that at 7:08pm EST (4:08pm PST), the Moon goes void-of-course for the next three hours. During this time our intuition is off. Stick to routine tasks. Make no major plans or decisions.

Saturday is a day to do things with partners. Work together with friends and loved ones on projects that are important to you. Don’t tackle anything by yourself. Reach out for support. It is all around you. 

Take it easy on Sunday. Enjoy your surroundings. Indulge in good food and music. Dance together with those you love. Sunday is a time for romance, close partnership and collaborative efforts. Find your balance. Cultivate inner peace. Relax and enjoy.

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