The Moon is waning this week. As a result, our energy is waning as well. You may feel as if you are in recovery from last week’s emotional roller coaster and lack of sleep. This is a time for less strenuous yoga sets and more meditative, introspective ones. Give yourself a break. Catch up on sleep and relax.

On Monday morning, we wake up in a fog. The Moon is void-of-course and it is difficult to get going. Sleep in. This is not a time for morning meetings or big strategy sessions first thing. Instead, just play it cool and stick to routine tasks until 1:30pm EST (10:30am PST) when the Moon gets back on track. After this time, our intuition is back and our sense of direction and purpose has returned.

Tackle creative projects on Tuesday. Think outside the box. Look at the big picture. Our mind is full of ideas. Use your imagination. When dealing with roadblocks at work and family at home, follow your intuition. Your heart knows best. Even though something may not necessarily make sense analytically, if your heart says it’s the way to go, do it.

You can get inspiration for awakening your creativity from Harnam’s Awaken Your Creative Fire:

And Art & Yoga – Kundalini Awakening in Everyday Life by Hari Kirin Kaur Khalsa

Wednesday is Independence Day, as celebrated in the United States. For most people, this means a day off of work – and this is a good thing! The Moon is void-of-course for pretty much the entire day on Wednesday, indicating that it’s not a good time for making any big plans or decisions. Indeed it’s a much better day just to sit and watch a parade. Enjoy fireworks tonight. Our intuition is off and so is our connection with others. Don’t sweat it. Just be casual, keep the energy light and enjoy.

The Moon is in feisty Aries on Thursday, marking a time when we feel anger rising to the surface. If you find that this is the case (or even as a preventative measure), check out the Kundalini Yoga set, “To Relieve Inner Anger” which can be found in the yoga book, “Owner’s Manual for the Human Body”.  This, and many other great sets – including “Awakening Yourself to Your 10 Bodies” – can be found in this classic manual. Practice this set at home by yourself or teach it at your weekly class. Go deep into it. Do all the exercises for their full times. Use the energy of the Moon to arouse that anger and get it out!

We may notice tension with members of the opposite sex on Friday. The Moon is exactly square to the Sun, marking a time when there is friction between the masculine and feminine polarity. One side is feeling sensitive and vulnerable while the other tends to be more aggressive and reactive than usual. Anger is present thanks to the Moon in Aries. People are more moody and sensitive thanks to the Sun in Cancer. A good physical workout and then a nice home cooked meal satisfy the needs of both.

The Moon enters sensual Taurus on Friday morning. Note how the energy shifts. This is a time to slow down and enjoy instead of becoming impatient and anxious for more. Enjoy the pleasures of the five senses. Note the songs of the birds. Feel the Earth beneath your feet. Enjoy a massage from the one you love. Take time to savor every bite of food that you eat. Get outside and into nature. Taurus is a member of the Earth element. Connect with the Earth. Connect with yourself. Enjoy a romantic night with the one you love.

Romance is alive on Sunday as well. Surprise your partner with breakfast in bed. Maybe you decide to go out for a picnic in the park. If you are a musician, serenade your lover with a new song. Let your creative, artistic energy flow. Enjoy the pleasures of the flesh. This is also a good day to go shopping. Get some new things to beautify your home. Do some decorating in your bedroom. Buy yourself new clothes. Get a haircut. Get a manicure. Towards the end of the day, have a heart-to-heart conversation with members of your family. Demonstrate your listening skills. Let them know that you care.

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