Kundalini Horoscope: July 16 – 22

The Moon is waxing this week. We finally see her in the sky as she stays up later and later each night. As a result, you may feel your emotional energy waxing this week as well. We are growing stronger and more confident. This is a good time to tackle yoga kriyas that involve more physical strength and stamina.  Try the ‘Renew Your Body, Mind and Spirit‘ series at Kundalini Yoga U.

On Monday, the Moon in Virgo asks us to get organized and pay attention to the details. Use your analytical mind to sort out the problems and tackle any issue that requires a grounded, practical perspective. The caveat here is to make sure you don’t become too critical of yourself – or others – along the way.

The Moon goes void-of-course just before 7am EST (4am PST). From this time until 3:42pm EST (12:42pm PST), it is best to avoid making any major plans or decisions. We feel off. Our connections with other people are awkward. It is a time to proceed with routine or mundane tasks but certainly not a time to strategize or hold an important meeting at work. In the afternoon, however, our intuition returns and we have our sense of direction back with us again.

On Wednesday, the key is partnership. Work with others and get the job done. Don’t tackle it by yourself. This is also a good day to go shopping. Bring a friend with you. Get some helpful advice as to what looks good and what doesn’t. Tonight is a good night for romance. Partnerships are favored. Take a loved one out on a date. If you are looking for someone new, go out with friends and don’t be afraid to approach the person who is catching your eye from across the crowded room. Look your best and be on your best behavior. Manners matter.

There may be tension in the air on Thursday thanks to a difficult square between the Sun and the Moon. The two luminaries are at 90 degrees to each other, suggesting that there is friction between the masculine and feminine polarity. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself at odds with someone from the opposite sex. Furthermore, things may be rocky and somewhat awkward between 4pm and 9:15pm EST (1pm and 6:15pm PST). This is the time when the Moon is void-of-course, thus leaving us out in the cold with regard to making plans or decisions – even the most simple ones. Remember to just stick to routine tasks and don’t be surprised if you find yourself feeling way out of whack.

There is an intense undercurrent of emotional energy on Friday thanks to the Moon in extreme Scorpio. You may find yourself – and others – a bit more sensitive, as well as explosive, during this transit of the Scorpio Moon. Remember that Scorpio is a fixed sign, offering us the qualities of determination and follow-through. At the same time, you may notice a stubborn streak coming out in yourself and others. People will have their opinions and are not likely to budge!

Soothe the air with some nice mantra on Saturday. Ajeet Kaur’s, “Darshan” album is the perfect balm to the soul. This rich, melodic set of tracks combines mantra with original lyric in a soulful and heart-centered way. The album finishes with an 11 minute version of the Guru Ram Das chant, making this album a cure-all, feel-good set of tracks for all occasions. Meanwhile, you may need it as that lunar Scorpio transit continues!

On Sunday, the big news is the Sun’s entrance into Leo, marking the start of a four-week period in which the Leo lion will rule. It is a time to be a kid again. Be your fun-loving, jovial self. Have fun, connect with children, and enjoy some musical theater. Leo encourages us to laugh and open our hearts as wide as we can. Be bigger than life. Wear your loud shirts. Smile big. Remember that Leo is also the sign of romance, suggesting that it is a good time to surprise your loved one with a bouquet of flowers when you come home. Give a gift certificate for a foot rub – redeemable by you! Get creative, have fun, be yourself and enjoy.

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