The Moon is waxing. This is the time to focus on the goals that you set at the time of the New Moon this past weekend. Put your New Year’s Resolutions into action. As the Moon grows, so do our emotional reserves. This is the time to put energy toward these goals. Tackle yoga sets that are on the more physically challenging side. Use this week to grow, to blossom and to courageously stand in your true center.


On Monday, the Aquarius Moon asks us to step out of the box. Rewrite the rules. Better yet, imagine that there are no rules at all. Imagine what can be done for the good of the group. Work toward a greater good. Join together with like-minded individuals and ask how you can collectively make a difference. Use your unique, creative gifts. Be yourself. (Everyone else is already taken!)


Expect the unexpected on Tuesday. This is a time when anything can happen. People are likely to come out of the blue and surprise you. Be open to opportunities from areas that you hadn’t expected. Stay flexible at a time when you may find that others are quite rigid. See things through to the finish line. This is a good day for following-through with a project or a task that needs finishing.


If there is anything still hanging in limbo on Wednesday morning, finish it up early. At 11:53am EST (8:53am PST), the Moon goes void-of-course and suddenly it feels as if everything has gone haywire. That’s because we have lost our sense of direction as the lunar guide takes a break between transiting to the next sign. Our intuition is back on track at 2:44pm EST (11:44am PST) when the Moon enters the compassionate water sign, Pisces. For the remainder of the day, a dreamy feeling washes over us. This is a favorable time to think big, to meditate and to merge with the one.


On Thursday, the Piscean Moon continues to reign, offering a time that is conducive to creative projects. Let your imagination run wild. This is a great time to compose music, write poetry and dance. Sing songs, let the mind escape through creative outlets like drawing or painting. Just be careful of the shadow side to Pisces’s need to escape. Overindulgence in food and/or alcohol is often a common problem associated with this sign.


The Moon goes void-of-course on Friday morning, setting the stage for a rather discombobulated day. At 9:25am EST (6:25am PST), the Moon makes her last major angle to a planet and doesn’t enter the next sign until early Saturday morning. The result is that we feel as if we have lost our sense of direction for the entire day. Do you keep misplacing your keys? Do you generally feel out-of-sorts? Not surprising if the answer is yes. This is not a good time to make any major decisions or hold strategy meetings at work. Make no big plans during this time. If you can, take the day off completely and just stick to routine tasks.


The Moon is back on track in Aries all day on Saturday. This is a time to move forward with gusto. It is also a great time to exercise. Our inner fire is burning hot. It is best to find a healthy outlet for whatever is rising to the surface. Long walks in nature are especially rewarding.   Or try some strong Kundalini Yoga sets.


Friction arises between the sexes on Sunday thanks to the square formed between the Sun and the Moon on this first day of the 2nd quarter lunar phase. The masculine and feminine polarities are doing battle. The Aries Moon is making us all hot under the collar. Be patient and do your best to listen, allow space, and not react. Exercising alongside the person you are feeling friction with is a good way to release the pent up energy between you.

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