The Moon is waxing. This week is a time to start growing all the hopes and dreams that you set for yourself at the time of the New Moon last Friday. Our emotional strength grows as the Moon grows. She will appear as a sliver in the sky just after sunset during the beginning of the week, but then stay up later and later each night as she appears larger and larger in the sky. Tackle those physically challenging Kundalini Kriyas this week as you charge headfirst toward your most intimate goals and dreams.

On Monday, the sensitive, romantic feeling in the air is due to the Pisces Moon who is igniting the flame of compassion. You may want to pick up every stray dog on the street. There is a feeling of a need to escape from the “real world.” Turn to things like music, dance and meditation. Express yourself in ways that don’t involve actual words. Get creative with a piece of paper and colored pencils.The temptation may be to overindulge in things like food, alcohol and drugs. Do your best to keep these urges at bay while you keep up your practice of mantra and kundalini yoga. 

If you need some inspiration in this area, consider picking up Jot Singh Khalsa’s book, “The Essential Element.”  Get your personal sadhana fortified and notice the life-changing effects. Tuesday’s energy calls on us to be sensitive and vulnerable. Share yourself and your stories with others. Practice the art of good listening. 

The mood shifts dramatically on Wednesday as the Aries Moon presides. This is the time to be bold and brave. Assert yourself. Embrace your pioneering spirit and move forward with confidence, even if you don’t know exactly where you’re going to end up. There is a competitive feeling in the air. Embrace it. Join the group. Play to win. 

Exercise is the name of the game on Thursday. There is plenty of pent up anger and other strong feelings rising to the surface at this time. Get it out in a healthy manner instead of letting it bubble up and explode in ways that end up being harmful or hurtful to yourself or others. Be brave in your commitment to truth, and always remember to stay true to yourself. At the same time, don’t let your anger toward a certain situation or person carry over into a violent explosion of words or actions towards someone who is simply undeserving of this energy. Instead, take it out on your yoga mat with a physically challenging yoga kriya. Take it out on a long hike through the woods or a bike across town and back.

The Moon is void-of-course for a large portion of the day on Friday, suggesting that yes – this is a great day to take off from work. From 10:10am EST (7:10am PST) to 7:28pm EST (4:28pm PST), our sense of direction is off and our intuition is out to lunch. It is a time for routine tasks as opposed to a time for making informed decisions or plans. The energy of the group is off as well. Don’t bother trying to hold important strategy meetings. Instead, take the day off!

Tension is in the air on Saturday thanks to the fact that the Moon has reached her halfway point between New and Full. There is friction between the masculine and feminine polarities and neither side is willing to budge. Opinions are strong and each one wants to follow through with his or her plans, even if they are in direct conflict to what the other has in mind. The more you push, the more resistance you will face.

Tension eases a bit on Sunday but it’s still present. Do your best to assuage the situation by indulging and enjoying. Good food, comfortable surrounds and pleasant music are all called for at this time. Satisfy the five senses. Trade massages with someone you love. This is a day to relax and enjoy. Take a walk in the woods and feel the Earth beneath your feet.

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