The Moon is waxing. Our energy is increasing. You may find yourself staying up later and later each day this week. This is a time to be growing and developing the goals that you set for yourself at the time of the New Moon last week. It is a time to continue your practice – of either letting go of something that no longer serves you, or incorporating a new behavior that does. This is a time when our emotional reserves are gaining in strength, and a time when we should choose more physically challenging yoga kriyas.

When the week gets underway, you may want to look at the set “To Release Inner Anger” as presented in the Owner’s Manual for the Human Body by Yogi Bhajan and Harijot Kaur Khalsa. With the Aries Moon holding court when the week kicks off, we may find our inner anger rising to the surface. People are more aggressive on the roads and at work. People are more assertive on the phone and in social and business situations. Take note of your own inner anger and give it a healthy outlet for release.

Physical exercise is recommended, especially on Tuesday, which is known as the “Mars” day. This is a day to be bold. Take charge. Embrace the soldier within and fight for what is important to you. Take that excess aggression out on a long walk, a run or a swim. Do something to work it out, or else it may erupt in a way that is not so healthy for you or the people around you.

Tension between the sexes becomes evident on Wednesday thanks to the fact that the Moon is at a cross-angle with the Sun. The male and female luminaries are not seeing eye-to-eye. Their energies are conflicting with each other. The old adage applies: as above, so below. When the Sun and the Moon are rubbing each other the wrong way, so, too, are the male and female energies here on Earth. Both sides are acting very stubborn. One wants independence and freedom. The other wants security and commitment. One wants to be expressive and wild; the other wants to enjoy cozy surroundings and good food and drink. You can have it all. Make sure that every person is being heard.

Take a step back and relax on Thursday. Enjoy the company of those around you. Appreciate what you have. Embrace an attitude of gratitude. Listen to your music collection. Make a delicious meal for your family. Nourish yourself with the gifts you have all around you instead of feeling a lack because there is something that you want that you don’t have.

Sleep in on Friday. Don’t rush into work with any bright ideas or big plans. No one has the answers on Friday morning. In fact, quite the opposite is true. The Moon is void-of-course for most of the morning. As a result, we have lost our beacon of intuition. Conversation with others is off. We have no clear sense of direction. This is a better time for meditation and routine tasks. At 12:40pm EST (9:40am PST), the Moon enters the next sign, Gemini, thus ending the void-of-course period. We feel connected and back ‘online’ once again.

Enjoy the company of others on Saturday. This is a great day to socialize. Connect with others. Go to a party. Host a party of your own. Call friends and family that you haven’t spoken with in a while. They will be glad to hear from you. Connect also with people in your own neighborhood. Learn the names of your local baker and banker, if you don’t know them already. Go door to door and introduce yourself to those on your street. Make contact.

Sunday is another good day to sleep in. Have breakfast in bed. Again, the Moon is void-of-course during the early morning hours, asking you to take it easy and attend only to routine tasks. Make no major decisions or plans at this time. It isn’t until 2pm EST (11am PST) that we have our intuition back again. After this time, direction is clear. Spend the evening at home in the company of your family. Call your mother.

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