The week is off to an intense and emotional start thanks to the Full Moon lunar eclipse that was exact on Sunday night. The Moon in Leo is opposite the Sun in Aquarius makes for tension along the lines of, “who is in charge?” Are the leaders in it to boost their own ego or because they want to help the greater good? Leo is focused on self while Aquarius is looking after the welfare of the group. On a personal level, ask yourself if you are taking care of your own needs. Maybe you are so focused on the group – people at work, family, etc. – that you are not taking good enough care of yourself. Are you getting enough sleep? Are you taking time out to do the things that you love to do – that replenish you? Perhaps the reverse is true. Maybe you are so focused on yourself that you have lost touch with the group and aren’t doing enough for others. Take a look at where you are on this spectrum. The Full Moon is helping to bring the truth to light.


Monday is a day to simply enjoy. Have fun and be a kid again. Take time to connect with children. Make up a funny show or dance together. Parade around the house while singing from the top of your lungs. Wear audacious clothing and enjoy the company of those around you.


Take on a leadership role on Tuesday. Do it with a smile. Connect people through love. This is the time to let your heart light shine. You will inspire others to do the same. You will also inspire them to jump on the bandwagon of whatever task you undertake. There is a two-hour void-of-course period toward the end of the day that is helpful to be aware of. From 8:19pm – 10:22pm EST (5:19pm – 7:22pm PST), the Moon is in-between signs and it feels as if we have lost our sense of direction. Our intuition is off and we find it hard to connect with others. Make no major decisions or judgments during this time.


On Wednesday, the Virgo Moon helps us to get grounded and organized. Take care of any sorting or analyzing that needs to be done. Take care of the details. If you need to balance your checkbook or take care of a ledger sheet, this is the day to do it. Keep in mind that Wednesday is also the day of Mercury. In addition, Virgo is ruled by Mercury. This is a day to communicate. Also, short-range travel is favored. Mercury is the messenger of the Gods. Keep your intuition open to information from your higher self. Your heart is talking to you. Are you listening?


There is a long lunar void-of-course period on Thursday, suggesting that it is a good day to stay home from work. Nothing good will come from the decisions made on this day. At 8:50am EST (5:50am PST), the Moon makes her last major angle to a planet and doesn’t enter the next sign until 11:02pm EST (8:02pm PST). During this period it is best that we stick only to routine tasks. Clean the house, do chores, take care of the laundry. Do you like to whistle while you work? Consider Hari Rai Kaur’s gorgeous album, “Eternity”. Among the seven inspiring tracks are two 11-minute Guru Ram Das meditations – great to chant along with during your own practice, or to use in your yoga classes. This album also includes a version of the “Long Time Sunshine” to help close your class with musical accompaniment.

Friday’s Moon in Libra calls for peace. Mind your p’s and q’s. Manners go a long way. This is a great night to go out with the one you love. Romance is in the air. If you want to take someone out for the first time, this is the night to do it.


Be lazy on Saturday. Relax, enjoy and kick back. You have earned it. Take a break.


Emotional tension heats up on Sunday with a sticky Scorpio Moon square with the Aquarian Sun. Gridlock could ensue. Long deep breathing is your friend.

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