The Moon is waning. She rises past midnight, and each time appears smaller and smaller in the night sky until she disappears completely on Friday night. You may notice your emotional reserves waning as well. Little things seem more challenging than they might otherwise. The feeling of overwhelm lurks just behind every door. Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t accomplish everything on your list. Also don’t try to do too much this week. Take it easy.

The big news on Monday is the Sun’s entrance into Aquarius. For the next four weeks, the Sun will be transiting the fixed air sign, suggesting a time of interconnectedness, originality and revolutionary ideas coming to the forefront. Take note that Aquarius is an air sign –  not a water sign. Aquarius is the sign of the water bearer. It is a person bringing water, bringing life, bringing wisdom to the people. Meditate on this archetype and consider ways in which you embody this idea of spreading wisdom. What are you doing in your life to contribute to the good of the group? Look at the ways in which you connect with people of a similar mindset. Work together with those kinds of people to reach a common goal. Look at ways in which you can serve. This is a time to be your true, original self. Let your unique colors shine. This is a time to express your revolutionary ideas. Gather people together and take a stand. 

Tuesday is quite a topsy-turvy day. This is the day of the week to stay home and stay in bed! The Moon is void-of-course for the entire day, or most of it, depending on your time zone. Either way, it’s not a day to make any major decisions or plans. If anything, just stick to routine tasks. Our judgement is off. It feels like we have lost our way in the woods. We have lost our sense of purpose and our sense of direction. Don’t despair. It’s only temporary! Keep in mind that everyone is off. Connections with others are very unstable. 

We are all back in the groove on Wednesday when the Capricorn Moon encourages us to get to work. Stay focused, grounded and on-task. Quite simply, this is a good day to get things done. 

Thursday finds us with the Moon in Capricorn as well, this time with the added boost of favorable angles between Jupiter and Venus. Take care of money issues at this time. Balance your budget. Do you have a budget? Create one. Be realistic about what you spend and what you would like to save. There are financial opportunities at this time if you invest wisely. Seek the counsel of others. Be prudent.

The Moon enters Aquarius on Friday morning, then joins in exact alignment with the Sun on Friday afternoon. This is the day of the New Moon. It is a time of new beginnings. This is the day to plant new seeds into the ground. Say goodbye to old habits that no longer serve you. Begin a new diet. Start a forty-day meditation practice. If you are looking for inspiration in this vein, consider the album, “Source of Strength: Meditations for Transformation by Snatam Kaur”. This powerful pair of mantras, “Mul Mantra” and “Aap Sahai Hoa” each run for just over 31 minutes, making them the perfect accompaniment to your own personal meditation practice or to use in a class or workshop when you really want to give your students a powerful transformational experience!

Saturday is the Chinese New Year (Year of the Rat). Such times are always good for new beginnings, but don’t make any big declarations or plans after 2pm EST (11am PST) because this is when the moon is void-of-course.

The Moon continues to be void-of-course into Sunday so sleep in and don’t make any big decisions or plans. It isn’t until the Moon enters sensitive, compassionate Pisces late Sunday afternoon/early evening that we have our wits back with us again. At 6:44pm EST (3:44pm PST), the Moon is back on track and we have our sense of direction and intuition with us again. Sunday night is a good time for romance.

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