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The Moon is waning to newness as the week begins. Our emotional strength may be low and the smallest things may bring us to tears. Emotional reserves are low. It is a time to turn inward. Don’t feel bad about saying no to social engagements or to not pick up the phone when someone is calling and you simply don’t feel like talking. Time spent with a journal is time well spent. Write down your innermost thoughts and feelings. Consider writing a letter to yourself. Imagine yourself in 20 years looking back at this moment. What would you say to yourself for encouragement and support at this time?

Monday is a day to focus on work and career-minded activities. What do you want to accomplish this year? What do you want to accomplish at your work? Is there a long-term project that you’ve always dreamed about doing but never started? Summon your inner architect and imagine the plans on the drafting board. On the short term, examine what you need to get done on this day and do it. Your efficiency is greater than usual. You have a keen sense of time and of boundaries. Tune others out so you can tune in to yourself and the tasks at hand.

Tuesday is the official day of the New Moon — when the Sun and the Moon come together in the same sign and join forces. We can’t see the Moon at this time — she has turned completely inward. This is a time for you to do the same. Go ahead and shut out the outside world for a while so you can tune in completely to yourself and your own needs. Make a resolution for yourself.

Make a list of what you would like to accomplish. What do you need to let go of? Maybe there is a habit or behavior that is no longer serving you. This is the time to give it up once and for all. Maybe there is a meditation or kriya that you have considered doing. This is a great time to begin a forty-day practice of this routine. Pick something from the wonderfully illustrated manual KRIYA. Connect with Yogi Bhajan through his classic kriyas of Kundalini Yoga and meditation. Sink deeply into the practice with a forty-day commitment that you begin today.

The energy is electric and eclectic on Wednesday. This is the day that your inner rebel may come out to play. It is a time to push the boundaries — let your unique side shine and don’t let people squash your true spirit. It is a time to be an individual. Don’t let yourself conform to the group, if in fact your heart is telling you to move in a different direction.

Unexpected events come your way on Thursday, thanks to the Moon in spontaneous Aquarius. Go with the flow and enjoy the curve balls that come your way. Be open to people and opportunities that you did not expect. Prosperity comes from places that you least expect them to. The planned route may not be the best. It may be the most comfortable but ultimately it might not take you where you really want to go.

There is a long lunar void-of-course period on Friday morning, suggesting that you may want to sleep in or go to work late. Remember that these are times when you should avoid making any big plans or decisions. It isn’t until 3:26pm EST (12:26pm PST) that the Moon enters the next sign and we have our beacon of intuition back with us again.

Thursday is also the day that the Sun moves into Aquarius, beginning a month-long transit of the sign of the water bearer. This is a time to join with like-minded individuals and ask how you can serve.

Saturday and Sunday find us with the Moon in Pisces — a time for creative endeavors. This is the perfect weekend to dance, paint, and play music. Express your emotions through artistic means. Let your heart sing. If you have the opportunity, visit a body of water. The ocean, a stream or lake will be extremely renewing for mind, body and spirit during this emotional time.

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