We are coming off of a very emotional weekend, as set off by the Lunar Eclipse that was exactly this past Friday. We may be using this week trying to pick up the pieces and then trying to fit them back together in a way that makes sense. Meanwhile, the Moon is waning. As a result, we may feel our emotional reserves waning. This is a week to turn inward and do yoga sets that focus on meditative themes as opposed to the more physically challenging and outwardly directed ones.

On Monday morning, the Moon enters grounded, practical Virgo. Get organized. Stay focused and take care of the details. Small things need your attention. It may be tempting to get caught up in other people’s business or opinions of how they should run their lives, but notice this as a distraction from your own issues that you need to tend to.

On Tuesday, the Moon makes favorable angles to the stellium of planets in industrious Capricorn. Our minds are focused on how we can succeed and what we need to do to complete our goals. On one hand, this combination of Capricorn and Virgo energy can make us productive and efficient. On the other hand, it can overstimulate our negative mind along with our fears for why things are not going to work. Try not to let this negativity get the better of you. Furthermore, don’t become too critical of yourself or others during this sensitive period.

There is a lunar void-of-course period on Wednesday morning which may or may not affect you depending on how late you sleep in! At 7:12am EST (4:12am PST), the Moon goes out for her morning coffee and as a result we have temporarily lost our intuition and sense of direction. At 10:43am EST (7:43am PST), the Moon comes back online and we are ready to start the day. Our minds are clear and it’s time to join hands and get to work. Make connections and bridge gaps. Do something nice for your romantic partner tonight. Surprise him or her with a spontaneous gift or special dinner out.

Thursday is a day for personal care. Splurge on a new outfit for yourself or a new set of sheets for your bed or curtains for your home. Get a haircut, get your nails done, be pampered. Schedule time at home to relax by yourself in comfortable surroundings, dance or simply lie down with some good music. Consider the album, “Yoga Lounge” with a variety of tracks (12 in all) from various musicians. Titles include “Om Tare Tuttare” “Nectar Drop” and “Peace Song”. Let these songs, enriched with sacred mantra, penetrate deep to uplift, revive, and serve as elevating background music as you relax, talk with friends, or cook dinner.

Tension is in the air on Friday thanks to the start of the 4th Quarter Moon. The Sun and the Moon are at odds with each other and as a result you may find yourself at odds with the people around you. The masculine and feminine polarity are butting heads. One side feels lazy, the other side is industrious. Where is the compromise? It may be hard to find it. To make matters trickier, the Moon is void-of-course for a good chunk of the morning/early afternoon depending on your time zone. If you are on the East Coast, take note that from 8am – 1:20pm, (5am – 10:20am PST), the Moon is void-of-course. During this time, communication with others is off. Don’t make any major plans or decisions. Just stick to routine tasks.

On Saturday, the Scorpio Moon encourages us to do things with passion. See projects through to the finish line. There is a sense of determination in the air. Let this passion continue into Saturday night – a good time to connect with the one you love. Feel free to discuss the dark, taboo issues that the two of you have been avoiding. Get to the root cause instead of just talking about surface issues. This is the opportunity to get to the core of the matter and work it out once and for all.  Although it may be scary to go there, you’ll both feel much better once the weight has been lifted.

Continue deep talks on Sunday morning. Get out anything else that needs to get out. You will feel the shift on Sunday afternoon when the Moon moves into upbeat Sagittarius and helps us to see the big picture. Our feelings are uplifted and we feel a sense of expansion and optimism. 


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