The week begins with a New Moon in Aquarius. It is time to commit to something radical. As always, New Moons are times of new beginnings. This is your chance to say goodbye to old habits that no longer serve you in order to make room for new habits, commitments and relationships that you would like to invite in. Aquarius is the fixed air sign. Aquarius is the water-bearer. It is humanitarian in nature. In the spirit of this year’s Aquarian New Moon, commit to something that touches your soul. Commit to a cause. Commit to a movement. Join together with like-minded people and find inspiration in the community. Push the limits. Furthermore, this is a good time to begin any sort of 40-day practice such as a daily meditation or yoga kriya. This week as the Moon waxes out of newness, we start to see a little sliver of hope – a little sliver of Moon, each evening just around sunset, and then plunk – she disappears into the horizon. Over the course of the week she will be staying up later and later each night, as she grows bigger and bigger – a seed germinating along with our hopes and dreams that we’ve put forward as a conscious intention at the time of this week’s powerful New Moon in Aquarius.

Unexpected events may dot the radar on Tuesday, as is the nature of the Aquarius energy that continues into this day as well. Be open to unexpected opportunities and offers from unlikely sources. Don’t be afraid to change on a dime. This is the electric energy of Uranus working through you. Got a flash of wild inspiration? Follow it! Just take note that at 7pm EST (4pm PST), the Moon goes void-of-course and for the next couple hours, our intuition is out of whack and we have temporarily lost our sense of direction.


The Moon tends toward compassion and sensitivity on Wednesday. People are more easily hurt so be aware. Soothe others with the comfort of a listening ear. Just giving people space to share what is on their minds and in their hearts is one of the most comforting and beneficial things you can do today.


Continue to soothe, and love and soak in compassion with the help of some sweet mantra on Thursday. The Moon in Pisces encourages us to merge with the One. Ong namo, guru dev namo. This is a good day to write, dance, sing and pray. Join in with Snatam Kaur’s Ong Namo – the perfect mantra to uplift the mind and soothe the soul. After 5:14pm EST (2:14pm PST), the Moon goes void-of-course and will remain so for the rest of the day. During this time it is best to stick to routine tasks as opposed to making any decisions or plans.


We may wake up in a fog on Friday, so yes – it is okay to sleep in and go to work late! Our senses come back online at 9:34am EST (6:34am PST), so after this time, we are in the clear. The Moon in head-strong Aries has us back on track and raring to go! Now is the time to act, to be bold and to bring forth your inner courage.


Move the body on Saturday. Exercise is key. The Moon in Mars-ruled Aries wants us to connect with our physical body and take action. If you don’t find a healthy outlet for this energy, it may come out in the form of anger or violence toward yourself or others. Go for a hike, a swim, or join a basketball game with friends. Tackle a challenging yoga set this morning with a group of others or in the privacy of your own home.


Whatever you didn’t beat out of your system on Saturday, you have another chance to do it on Sunday. Go ahead and move the physical body! At 6:48pm EST (3:48pm PST), the Moon goes void-of-course until 8:30pm EST (5:30pm PST). During this short evening period, our intuition is off and connections with others feel awkward. Don’t make any plans or decisions during this time.

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