This week finds us in the midst of a crescendo of emotional energy that comes to a climax on Saturday night with the powerful Full Moon in Leo. All week you will feel the energy growing as things come to a head. The truth is being revealed. The Moon stays up later and later each night, and each night appearing larger and larger in the sky. As a result, you may find  yourself staying up later and later as well. Our night time brain activity becomes more and more busy as the weekend approaches. Pay attention to your dreams this weekend. Your subconscious mind is trying to tell you something.

On Monday, the Gemini Moon has our minds buzzing. We are wearing many different hats today and juggling many different balls. Communication is a theme. Connect with people who are important to you. This is a time to answer emails, phone calls and texts. Don’t leave people hanging.

Don’t get too caught up in the gossip train on Tuesday. It may be tempting to avoid your own issues by focusing on other people’s issues. Watch out for this trap. How about some mantra? Kirtan Kriya is the perfect thing to get your monkey mind back on track. The album, “Meditations for Transformation: Kirtan Kriya by Nirinjan Kaur” is the perfect one to add to your collection if you don’t have it already. This album comes with a long version (31 minutes) and a shorter version (11 minutes) of the mantra that you can use for a class, workshop, or your own personal practice.

The Moon is void-of-course for a big chunk of the morning on Wednesday. From 9:20am – 2:03pm EST (6:20am – 11:03am PST), the Moon is in her in-between stage before she enters the next sign (Cancer). During this time, our intuition is off and we have lost our sense of direction. This is not a good time to make any big plans or hold and strategy meetings. Instead, just stick to routine tasks. For the remainder of the day, you will find that staying close to home is the most rewarding. There is a nesting feeling in the air. Roll with it. Enjoy good homemade soup and a movie on the couch.

Connect with your mother on Thursday. She will be delighted to hear from you. It is a day to connect with your own feminine side as well. Our intuition  is stronger than usual. Trust that 6th sense and act from the heart. 

There is another significant lunar void-of-course period on Friday. From 10:43am – 5:45pm EST (7:43am – 2:45pm PST), the Moon is out to lunch and so is our intuition and sense of direction. Everything just feels off. This is not the time to hold any big strategy meetings at work or make any big plans of any kind. For the rest of the evening, however, the energy is up and lively. This is a good night for romance. Go out and have fun. 

The Full Moon is exact on Saturday night and this is when we will be feeling the energy the strongest. Everything is coming to an emotional climax. Take note that it may be time for a turn in the road – a new direction. Don’t be afraid to abandon the route you were on in order to embrace a new one. Be true to yourself at this time instead of trying to bury your feelings deep down. It is important that you are truly authentic with yourself and the people around you.

Relax and regroup on Sunday. Furthermore, take everything with a grain of salt. Realize that everyone is off. From 11:08am – 6:39pm EST (8:08am – 3:39pm PST), the Moon is void-of-course and we are lost in the clouds. Once again our intuition is off and we have lost our sense of direction. Don’t make any major decisions or plans at this time. Instead, enjoy gatherings with friends in a lighthearted, community setting. Enjoy each other’s company. Avoid any big topics. Just have fun, relax and keep the conversation light. Tonight is a good time to get organized and plan for the week ahead.


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