The energy is emotionally charged and building as the week gets underway. We are leading up to the time of the Full Moon (Purim), which is exact on Thursday. As a result, our dream states will be extra active this week. You may find yourself staying up later than usual. We are active at night. Get ready for a showdown of some sort.

On Monday, everyone is extra sensitive thanks to the Moon in emotional Cancer. Our moods are up and down like the tides. Go easy on others. Time at home is time well spent. You will find comfort and security there. Enjoy a good meal with your family. Connect with your mother. At around 5pm EST (2pm PST), the Moon goes void-of-course and we have lost our connection with our intuition for about the next 7 hours. During this time, don’t make any major decisions or plans. Just stick to routine tasks and meditation.

The Leo Moon on Tuesday sheds a ray of sunshine on everything. There is a buoyant, fun-loving feeling in the air. Enjoy the company of children. Let your own childlike nature shine through. Open your heart and share yourself with others. This is a time when people may be more dramatic and self-centered than usual. Ego-eradicator is a handy tool during this time.

Take the lead on Wednesday and follow through on projects that are important to you. Do it with a smile. Everything is on the up and up until 6:13pm EST (3:13pm PST) when the Moon goes void-of-course. For the rest of the day EST (until 10pm PST), the Moon is in her “in between” phase when we feel as if we have lost our sense of direction. Our connection with others is off. We may feel disoriented when trying to interact with others. Take things with a grain of salt. Don’t take anyone or anything too seriously.

The big event of the week is Thursday’s Full Moon in Virgo. The challenge here is finding the balance between the big picture and the details. Find the middle ground between fantasy and reality. This is a time when we need to connect with our dreams (Pisces), and figure out how to manifest them into our daily life, into our current reality (Virgo). If you are looking for a meditation, or mantra, to help you in this process, consider Ajeet Kaur’s Meditation for Transformation, Sacred Waters: Flow from Emotion to Devotion. Indeed, the Pisces Sun can bring up a great deal of emotion. Use the three powerful mantras, presented by Ajeet Kaur, to help transform the powerful emotion into devotion toward a goal, project or dream that is calling to you.

Friday’s Moon in Virgo asks us to get organized. Pay attention to details and clean your work area. Get things in order. Be flexible. The one thing to watch for is to make sure that you aren’t being too critical of yourself or others. Be accepting. Be tolerant. You have no idea what the other person may be going through at this time. At 6:50pm EST (3:50pm PST), the Moon goes void-of-course and remains so for the rest of the day. Use this time to take care of routine tasks and chores. Do not make any big decisions or plans during the evening hours.

Saturday is a wonderful time to gather with others and be social. Connect with people in your neighborhood. Invite friends and family over for dinner. If you are in the mood for a romantic outing, Saturday night is the perfect time for such an event. Dress up in your best clothing and make an impression on the one you love. Manners go a long way during this time.

Sunday is a great time to go shopping with friends. Get a haircut. Get your nails done. Pick out nice clothes for yourself and others. Buy something for your home. If you are looking to redecorate or pick new sheets for your bed or covers for your couch, this is the time to do it. Go with a friend or loved one. This is a day to do things in pairs. Go as a team. Have fun.



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