The  Moon is waxing this week. As a result, this is the time to grow the goals and dreams that you set for yourself at the time of the New Moon this past Sunday.  Keep on with the diet, the kriya, or the meditation that you committed to. At the same time, remember that Mercury is retrograde. Communication is off, as well as travel, electronics and mechanical objects. This is a good time to review, reflect, and collect on money that is owed to you. Also remember that the Sun is in Pisces. We have come to the end of the zodiac. This is a time to let your artistic side flourish as you come into complete merger with the One. Be creative. Escape through music, art and dance. Just watch out for behavior that leads to self-undoing. Addictive patterns have a tendency to flare up at this time. 

The energy of the New Moon continues to linger on Monday. With the Moon in Pisces as well as the Sun, we are asked to recommit to artistic projects and creative endeavors. Maybe there is a dance class that has piqued your curiosity but you’ve never felt brave enough to attend. This is the time to do it. 

There is a four and a half hour void-of-course period that you should be aware of on Tuesday morning. At 9:12am EST (6:12am PST), the Moon moves “backstage” as she changes into the next sign. Suddenly we have lost our beacon of intuition and sense of direction. This is not a time to hold any strategy meetings or make any big plans. Wait until the Moon gets back on track at 1:47pm EST (10:47am PST). After this time, direction is clear and suddenly you are going like gangbusters.

Note the competitive spirit in the air on Wednesday. People are more aggressive on the road and in the workplace. We all want to be first. Take care to be extra cautious on the roadways. In addition, make sure you have a healthy outlet for your own feelings of anger and aggression that are likely to surface at this time. Good strenuous exercise is a fine way to relieve the pressure. The kriya “To Release Inner Anger” is an old favorite that is handy to pull out at this time. Look for it in the book “Owner’s Manual for the Human Body”.

On Friday, the Moon in Taurus helps to settle everyone down and slow the pace a bit. This is a time to sit back and enjoy what you have worked for instead of trying to gain more ground. Settle in to a cozy nook in your house with a cup of tea and a sweet treat. Light candles tonight and enjoy a good meal. This is a good night for romance. If you are looking for someone new, there is opportunity in the air. Don a colorful outfit and put yourself out there.

Take it easy on Saturday. According to the Taurus Moon, it’s a good day to relax. Slow down and enjoy the comforts that surround you. Trade massages with the one you love. Indulge the five senses. Connect with the Earth element. If you are in a climate which permits for a garden this time of year, go out and enjoy the soil in your hands and beneath your feet. Take time to cook a healthy and tasty meal this evening. Invite people over. Share the bounty and take time to be consciously grateful for the abundance. There is much to celebrate.

Go ahead and sleep in and enjoy breakfast in bed on Sunday. There is no need to rush into anything. The Moon goes void-of-course at 10:52am EST (7:52am PST). At this time, our sense of direction is off. Tackle only routine tasks. At 2:21pm EST (11:21am PST), the Moon comes back “online” and you will feel it. Connections with others are clearer and you have a sure sense of how to proceed. Use the afternoon to connect with people. It is a fine time to host a gathering at your house or to connect with a group of people elsewhere.


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