horoscopeThe Spirit Voyage Kundalini Horoscope for February 20-26, 2017:

We are in the final week of the current lunar cycle. The Moon is waning back to newness – exact on Sunday. This New Moon is extra special since it is also a Solar Eclipse, meaning that the Moon will pass exactly between the path of the Sun and the Earth, thus eclipsing the light of the Sun from our perspective here on Earth. This means it is a grand time for new beginnings. i

Monday is Presidents’ Day for those celebrating in the United States, and many people have this day off from work or school. This year, the day finds us with the Moon in Sagittarius, asking us to aim our arrows up to the sky and look to ways in which we can improve ourselves and the world we live in. This is a time to embrace our warrior instincts and stand up for what we know to be true. Inspire others and let others inspire you. Focus on growth and movement – reach to become someone greater than you are now. Take note that at 6:37pm EST (3:37pm PST), the Moon goes void-of-course and as a result, we have lost our sense of direction. For the remainder of the day, hang it up and don’t make any big plans or decisions. We feel off, and this is to be expected. Table important conversations for another time.

Tuesday is the time to get to work. The Capricorn Moon says, let’s get down and dirty. It will be extra rewarding to work hard. You will accomplish a great deal. Your sense of time is keen. Reach for your goals – you will accomplish them. The mountain seems tall but you will get to the top by methodically taking one conscious, grounded step at a time.

Thursday’s energy is electric and unpredictable. Anything can happen. It is one of those days in which there is a surprise at every turn. People you haven’t talked to or heard from in months are suddenly coming out of the woodwork and throwing you curve balls. There is nothing you can do to prepare except to say, be prepared! Go with the flow and to take advantage of opportunities that come your way.

Express yourself and your own individuality on Friday. Let your unique self shine. This is not a day to blend in but rather to highlight the ways in which you don’t. Remember to “be yourself since everyone else is taken!”

game of loveSaturday begins on a strong note but be advised, there is a six-hour lunar void-of-course period that begins at 1:11pm EST (10:11am PST). During this mid-day block, our intuition is off and we have lost our sense of direction. Stick to routine tasks and chores and don’t make any big decisions or declarations about the future.

Sunday is the big day of the New Moon Solar Eclipse. The cosmic window of opportunity is wide open. This is the magic day to put your prayer out into the cosmos. With the Sun and Moon both in the creative, compassionate sign of Pisces, you may want to consider goals having to do with artistic pursuits. Maybe you want to write a book, record an album, or participate in a dance performance. This is the day to firm up your intention and put it out there to the universe. Looking for inspiration? Consider Yogi Bhajan’s beautiful book of poetry and art, “The Game of Love”.

Remember that Pisces is also the sign associated with drugs, alcohol and other means of escape. Consider vices that you wish to let go of. Look at unhealthy patterns in your life and ask yourself what habits no longer serve you. Consciously let these go.

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