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The Moon is growing! She is waxing. With every passing day she is growing bigger and bigger in the night sky. Also she is staying up later and later each night. As a result, you will notice your emotional reserves growing this week. Your energy strengthens as the week continues, and you may find yourself staying up later and later each night. With the Moon waxing, it is a good idea to practice yoga sets that are more physically challenging and outer-directed.

Consider the fact that even if you have physical restrictions or are of an age where many exercises are too challenging to attempt in their traditional form, do not despair! Pick up a copy of the fantastic yoga manual The Best is Yet to Come. This terrific volume consists of many of the favorite sets, including “Kriya for Elevation”, “Awakening to your 10 Bodies,” and “Opportunity and Green Energy Set” while offering alternatives to many of the exercises, making use of props, chairs, belts, straps, etc. Don’t be discouraged by the more challenging Kundalini kriyas. They are now accessible in ways you might have never thought possible. Note: this is a must teaching tool for those who work with folks 50 years of age and older, or those who have physical disabilities and/or challenges of any kind.

Monday is Presidents’ Day for those in the United States. The Aries energy of the Moon on this day is making people feisty and aggressive. Turn this energy into something positive. Use this of this as an opportunity to do a heart-opening kriya and/or meditation for the current president. Exercise of any kind is highly recommended. Otherwise, anger and other kids of unwelcomed outbursts are likely to rise to the surface.

There is a lunar void-of-course period in the morning on Tuesday, suggesting that you may want to sleep in and go to work late. Nothing useful will be accomplished this morning. Our sense of direction is mis-informed and our intuition is off. It isn’t until 2:12pm EST (11:12am PST) that the Moon enters the next sign (Taurus) and we are back on track mentally and emotionally.

Wednesday is a time to slow down and enjoy. Make sure you take time to enjoy the finer things in life. Look to those simple comforts that make things so much for colorful and musical. Take a bubble bath, get a massage, cook a nice meal for you and your family. Go shopping and find some beautiful adornments with which to decorate your home.

Thursday morning holds a long void-of-course period for a good portion of the day. From 6:46am – 7:07pm EST (3:46am – 4:07pm PST), the Moon is out-to-lunch. As a result, our judgement is out-to-lunch as well. (maybe they are dining together?) Either way, it is not a good time to make any major decisions or plans. Our judgment is off and we have lost our sense of direction. It is better to just stick with routine tasks.

Tension may rise to the surface on Friday thanks to a square between the Sun and the Moon. Men and women are at cross-purposes today, as the masculine/feminine dynamic is at odds. There is an uncertain dance going on— with neither party sure how to take the next step. Don’t get upset if things aren’t resolved. This friction will soon pass. It’s only temporary.

Talk things out on Saturday — but do it before 3pm EST (noon PST). During this time, the energy is light. Take advantage of this period by discussing fun, easy issues. Don’t go into any real depth about anything. During the afternoon, again a lunar void-of-course period has us in a fog. Take everything with a grain of salt.

Sunday is a good day to stay home and enjoy the company of close friends and family. The Moon is right at home in sensitive Cancer, asking us to tune in to our intuition and be compassionate with others. Practice your listening skills. Cook and enjoy a good meal. Call your mother. This is a day to connect with your true emotions. Share how you feel. Open up and let others do the same.

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