The week is off to an emotional and boisterous start. With the Moon almost full in the sign of Leo, it’s a good day to go big! Monday is a holiday for many people in the United States, as Presidents’ Day is celebrated. This is a good day to be with children, have fun, and go to the theater. Sing songs, wear fun, bright clothing and smile big. The other big news of the day – and for the week – is the Sun’s entrance into the mutable water sign, Pisces. For the next four weeks, the sign of the fish reigns. There is a background feeling of compassion and extra sensitivity. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, the sign closest to complete merger with the one. That’s why you often find Pisces people kinda “out there.” They are the ones in the clouds. Indeed, this is the time to dream. Let your imagination run wild. Let your emotions out through expressions like music, dance and poetry. Spend more time by the water. Walks by the ocean, rivers and long baths will be extra rejuvenating during this time.


Say Happy Birthday to your Pisces friends and relatives with the gift of mantra. Nothing is more perfect at this time than “Om the Water” by Shantdeep. Tracks like “Beautiful I am” and “Great Noble Healing” are the perfect remedies for Pisces feelings of self-doubt and wounds of the heart.

Tuesday is the Full Moon in Virgo, bringing with it a climactic point in the crescendo of energy that has been building for the last two weeks. At this time you may notice a turning point. Energy has come to a head. You may need to make a change of plans. Remember the new intentions you set for yourself two weeks ago at the time of the last New Moon? This is the time when new challenges arise and you find you may need to alter your course of action. New information is coming to light. Truth is illuminated.


On an interpersonal level, you may find that people are meeting you head-on yet they may not be doing it openly. There is passive-aggressive behavior at work. The challenge here is the polarity between the details and the big picture. One side is very grounded and practical, the other side is in the clouds. One side is analytical and mentally-oriented while the other is all about emotion. EIther way, you may find that situations are becoming heated. Something needs to give. Change needs to happen.


The Virgo Moon carries over into Wednesday as tension still lingers. The Full Moon energy is still at work, asking us to look at ourselves and self-examine. Look at the parts that are usually kept hidden deep in the closet. Be honest with regard to your situation, your habits and behavior and decide what needs to change. What do you need to do on a micro-level in order to achieve the results that you desire in the long run?


The Moon slips into equality-minded Libra on Thursday and the call is for balance. Come to the rescue for someone in the workplace and be honest about whatever injustice you see. This is a time to right the wrongs and speak up for truth, regardless of what other people’s reactions might be.


Friday is a good day for romance! This is the time to take someone out on a first date, or treat your current partner to a special night out. Wear your best, look your best, and feel free to splurge. Relax and have fun.


Emotional energy heats up on Saturday thanks to the Moon in Scorpio. Scorpio is the most extreme of all the signs – running either burning hot or ice cold. This is a day to do things with passion. It’s all or nothing. Follow through.


Get to the heart of the matter on Sunday. With the Sun and the Moon both in water signs, it is a time when emotions are on the table. Don’t pretend that you don’t see them or feel them! Furthermore, don’t just attempt to treat the symptoms. Get to the roots. Be honest with yourself and the ones you love.

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