The Moon is waxing, our emotional reserves are growing, all planets are direct, it’s full steam ahead! The week starts off with the Moon in Taurus, asking us to enjoy what we have instead of being caught up in trying to accumulate more. This is a reminder to slow down, relax and enjoy. Taurus loves to indulge all the senses. Enjoy delicious food. Play your favorite music loudly in your house and while you drive. Take a long bubble bath tonight then trade massages with someone you love. Take deep breaths as you smell your big pot of yogi tea brewing on the stove.


Tension may crop up on Tuesday thanks to the square between the Sun and the Moon. This marks the start of the 2nd Quarter Moon. She is at half-mast today – halfway between New and Full. During this time, we are faced with challenges between the masculine and feminine polarities. Perhaps you are feeling at odds between yourself and people of the opposite sex. Neither party is willing to budge. Things get even more difficult and confused after 5:26pm EST (2:26pm PST) when the Moon goes void-of-course. For the remainder of the day, our intuition is off and interactions with others are awkward.


The lunar energy asks you to lighten up on Wednesday. Use this day to be the connection among different people. Keep the subject topics light and carefree. This is not the time to go delving deeply into the depths. This is a time to stay light and uplift. Keep a smile on your face. Be polite. You may find yourself “shape-shifting” today. Maybe you are wearing different hats depending on who you are with and who you are communicating with. This will help you weave together alliances and create a positive workforce that helps to achieve a far-reaching goal.


Thursday is Valentine’s Day – a time to love! Be honest and straightforward with your words. A direct approach is best. Tell your loved ones exactly how much they mean to you. Looking for a special gift for the object of your affection? Consider Deva Premal’s gorgeous album, “Love is Space.” Deva Premal is a true master of the mantra world, and it shows in this gorgeous album that weaves together mantras from different spiritual paths. Put this music on in the background and allow your heart to melt. Cares, worries and stray thoughts drop away under the spell of her gorgeous voice and pure naad. “Om Mani Padme Hum” and “Om Namo Narayanaya” are just a couple examples of the well-crafted tracks on this must-have album.


We may feel a slow start on Friday morning, but then things get cooking at 9am EST (6am PST) when the Moon enters her home sign of Cancer. The Moon feels at home and so do we. Sink into your emotions. Your intuition is strong. Connect with your mother and connect with the water element. Everyone is a bit moody today so go easy when it comes to other people’s tender emotions.


Saturday is a good day to stay home and enjoy delicious home cooked meals. Every woe can be solved with a delicious bowl of hearty soup. Curl up on the couch with a movie, a pet, a good book or all of the above. This is a time to take it easy and to feel into every emotion that comes your way. Don’t push away the feeling – regardless of how difficult or painful it might be. Nurture yourself and others as you work through the passage of emotions that flow in and out.


The Moon is void-of-course for about an hour on Sunday morning but after that, we are in the clear for a fun, enjoyable and boisterous day. From 9:17am – 10:21am EST (6:17am – 7:21am PST), our intuition is off. Make no major decisions or plans during this time. For the remainder of the day, however, all systems are a go. Enjoy, relax and be a kid again. Take the lead on projects that you want to get done around the house. Make it fun. Get everyone involved. Turn it into a game. Time spent with children today is extra rewarding.


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