We are coming off from the high energy of the Full Moon last week. Now the Moon is rising well after sunset and each night appearing smaller and smaller in the sky. This week we may feel more introspective. Our attention has turned inward. Choose yoga sets that are more meditative as opposed to those that are more physically challenging. Remember also that we are under the influence of the Pisces Sun. We are more sensitive than usual. Have an urge to pick up every stray dog on the street? Want to take home every kitten in the animal shelter? This is to be expected. Furthermore, we may feel more vulnerable, more easily hurt. Our hearts are on our sleeves. This is a good time to reconnect with your favorite musical instrument, sentimental music album or long lost journal. Take more photographs, draw more doodles on your napkin or paper placemat. Our creative juices are flowing more easily thanks to the influence of this last sign of the zodiac. Express yourself in a way that doesn’t involve the spoken word.

Consider joining the Global Sadhana: A Grateful Heart for its final two weeks.  It is 2 short and simple meditations of gratitude followed by a practice of journaling.  This could help support you in this vulnerable time.


On Monday morning we may feel fuzzy-headed. The Moon is void-of-course for most of the morning, suggesting that we have lost our sense of direction. It is difficult to make an informed decision. In reality, we should avoid making any decisions altogether. Our intuition is off. Interactions with others are uncertain and confused. It is best to stick to routine tasks until the Moon enters the next sign, which isn’t until 4:19pm EST (1:19pm PST). For the remainder of the day, we are more connected and have our wits about us once again.


The tension you experience on Tuesday, especially with those of the opposite sex, has to do with the fact that the Moon is at a stressful angle with the Sun. The two luminaries are at 90 degrees to each other, setting the stage for friction on all fronts. You may feel it with your loved one, in the workplace, and with family members. People are sensitive, and perhaps not exactly forthcoming with their feelings. Remember that people aren’t mind-readers. You need to speak the truth and speak from the heart so others may know exactly how you feel. Most importantly – you need to listen!


Take the high road on Wednesday. The Moon in Sagittarius asks us to keep things light and elevate others. Try a practice that helps merging with the expansive energy of the Sagittarius Moon during this time. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion, wisdom and good fortune. Think big, go big and take a risk.


Thursday’s lunar energy in Capricorn asks us to take a step back and be more guarded. Now the energy of Saturn is at work, asking us to be more disciplined and get to work. Be aware of the ticking of the clock and be sure that your actions are efficient and grounded.


Friday is a good day to finish up any tasks that you did not complete during the week. The grounded lunar energy is help us stay focused and task-oriented. Feel free to say no to certain social obligations in order to stay productive with regard to things that need to get done.


Saturday morning is a good day to take care of domestic chores and projects. We are feeling industrious and goal-orientated. You can accomplish quite a bit during this productive time. During the afternoon, be open to the unexpected. Don’t be super rigid with regard to sticking to a certain plan. The outcome will be greater than anything you could imagine.


Sunday is a time to connect with people who share the same values and spiritual ideals that you do. Lift each other up. Inspire each other. Share a home-cooked meal together with people who you resonate with on a soul-level. Discuss ideas. Consider what you can accomplish when you band together as a group. Together, you can make a huge difference in your community. Above all, ask how you can serve.

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