You may feel the emotional tension building to a climactic point as the week gets underway. The Moon is in her final days of waxing as she grows toward being full on Wednesday night. Truth is being exposed and charged emotions rise to the surface. As tension continues to build, keep your practice strong and do your best to act instead of react to the situations that are intensifying around you.


People are stubborn on Monday. You may feel the desire to charge toward the finish line. Do it. Monday is a good day to get things done and bring tasks to completion. Don’t worry if not everyone agrees with you. You aren’t like to change their minds anyways. Your sensitivity is strong. Trust your intuition and stay focused on the tasks at hand. This day offers a nice grounded platform to get your work done. Keep in mind, however, that at 8:13pm EST (5:13pm PST), the Moon goes void-of-course and our intuition calls it quits for the remainder of the day.


The Moon doesn’t come back online until 11:47am EST (8:47am PST), suggesting that you shouldn’t make any big plans or hold any strategy meetings before that time. Sleep in and go into work after this time if you can. It may be hard to be productive during these early hours, anyways. For the rest of the day, however, you are in the clear. The focus now is on communication. Answer emails, phone calls and voice messages. Don’t delay in getting back to people. Your prompt response makes a difference.


The charge of the Full Moon is palpable on Wednesday. The Moon in Gemini is exactly opposite the Sun in Sagittarius. Communication, higher learning, travel, teaching, wisdom, philosophy and connections with siblings are all important themes during this heightened time. In your own personal life you may find that you have come to a bend in the road. A blowout with someone or group of people may suddenly put you on a different path, or at least alter the path you are on. Don’t be afraid to take a new route.


The emotional charge from the Full Moon continues into Thursday – but with a twist. The Moon is void-of-course for a large portion of the day, suggesting that not only are we amped up emotionally, but we are without our intuition or clear sense of direction. This combination can make for a very challenging day. Everyone is off. Certainly do not make any big decisions or hold any important strategy meetings. It isn’t until 6:23pm EST (3:23pm PST) that the Moon is back on track and we have our intuition back again. For the remainder of the day it is best that you stick close to home.


The same is true on Friday. Spend as much time at home as you can. Get into a nesting mode, enjoy homemade food and cuddle up with a movie or a book on the couch. If you are looking for fresh reading material to inspire you and help support your daily practice, consider Snatam’s book, “Original Light: The Morning Practice of Kundalini Yoga.” This personal account of Snatam’s journey with Kundalini Yoga will help inspire your own practice and spiritual growth. 

There is a 12-hour lunar void-of-course period to watch for on Saturday. From 11am – 11pm EST (8am – 8pm PST), the Moon is out-to-lunch and so are we. Stick to routine tasks during this period and don’t make any major plans or decisions. Personal relations are off and it may be hard to connect with others in a genuine way.


Communication is clearer on Sunday when the Leo Moon shines a happy-go-lucky light on everyone. Use this time to connect with children as you also connect with your own inner child. Dance. Turn the music up loud and sing along. This is a great day to express yourself creatively and have fun. It is also a good day to tell people how much you love them (isn’t every day?). Go on a romantic date tonight. Give your loved one flowers for no particular reason. Surprise a family member with their favorite homemade dessert.

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