The Moon is in her final stage as she wanes toward newness this weekend. It is time to turn inward and reflect. Our emotional reserves are gradually waning as well. Choose yoga sets that are more meditative and less physically strenuous.


Monday is New Year’s Eve, and this year it comes on a very emotional note. The Scorpio Moon is famous for its intense and extreme emotional swings. We can be super high one moment and then down in the dumps the next. We may see people exhibiting huge swings of mood and intense, wild behavior during this festive holiday time. Be cautious when going out. People are likely to push the envelope and perhaps go over the edge of what is considered safe. The emotional thermometer is up!


The Scorpio energy continues into New Year’s Day, making it a good time to get to the heart of the matter and really self-examine. Ask how you would like to make this year different than last. Remember that Scorpio is the sign of death, rebirth and transformation. Use this energy as a catalyst for real change. Make your New Year’s resolutions and stick to it. The Scorpio energy is like the phoenix rising up from the ashes. Connect with this image and be reborn. Give yourself the gift of a fresh start.


Wednesday’s Sagittarius Moon is uplifting and expansive. We have the notion that anything is possible – and it is! Don’t be afraid to take your dream and make it even bigger. Sagittarius wants us to expand, uplift and be bold and bright. As you elevate yourself you inspire others. Turn to teachings that inspire you. Sign up for a course or a lecture series that sounds interesting. Explore in new ways. Follow your curiosity into areas that previously seemed taboo or off-limits.


This expansive energy continues into Thursday, the day associated with Jupiter. Consider the album, “Beyond the Beyond”, whose title says it all. This incredible album is a compilation of mantras from several different faiths, all beautifully arranged and tied together by an impressive assembly of musicians featuring Lee Marabai Harrington. If you don’t have this one in your collection yet, don’t waste another moment without it! “Om Mani Peme Hum”, “Shiva Shakti (Lord of the Disco Dance)” and “Aad Guray Nameh” are examples of the fun and uplifting tracks on this impressive album.


On Friday we are good through most of the morning, but we may run into a glitch mid-day when the Moon goes void-of-course. At 12:41pm EST (9:41 EST), the Moon goes backstage for a while and it feels like our intuition has gone offline. That’s exactly what has happened! Take a lunch break during this time. This is not a time for meetings or strategy sessions. Use it to tackle routine tasks. Communication is off and direction is unclear. At 2pm EST (11am PST), the Moon is back on track and it’s time to get back to work.


There is a solar eclipse on Saturday, making this New Moon an extra powerful time to reset. Both the Sun and the Moon are in the industrious sign of Capricorn, highlighting the importance of discipline and for setting realistic goals for the New Year. This is a time to truly plant the seeds of your New Year’s Resolutions. In some way, this is the true energetic start to the year. Use it as a time to officially let go of what no longer serves you in order to open the space for that which does. Examine your situation with a critical eye and look at where you want to be by the end of this year, or the end of five years from now. What steps do you need to take now in order to get there? This might mean tightening up the belt a bit in order to save resources for the future. Be real about what you want to accomplish and sow the seeds now.


Although Sunday is often considered a day of rest, this strong Capricorn influence may have you running around doing chores and fixing things in your house. It’s okay. Plan, organize and get things done. It will feel good.  

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