The year is winding down, and the lunar energy is amping up. The Moon is waxing as the week gets underway and we find ourselves growing more emotional as the week progresses. Each night the Moon stays up later and later, and each time appearing larger in the sky. With New Year’s Eve on Tuesday, you may be staying up late with the Moon as well!

We are in a fog on Monday morning as we wake up to the void-of-course Moon. Our first thoughts are likely to be undirected, as our beacon of intuition is temporarily offline. Use this time for routine tasks. At 10:41am EST (7:41am PST), the Moon gets back on track and suddenly our thinking is clear. The way to proceed is much more obvious, and interaction with others feels more solid. The rest of the day is a good time for artistic endeavors. Engage in tasks that draw upon your creativity.

Tuesday’s energy invites us to dance, sing, play music, and express ourselves creatively. It is a time to merge with the One. We have reached the last day of the year, and in keeping with that theme, the Moon has reached the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces. Pisces is a water sign, like the great wide ocean. Feel yourself as a part of the entire ocean, the entire universe, and of infinity itself. Tuesday is a time to celebrate life, let go, and speak and act with compassion. It is a great time to write in a journal. Write a poem. Write a song. 

New Year’s Day is Wednesday. We continue to be dreamy, emotional, and sensitive. Turn to mantra to align yourself in truth, prosperity and stability. Consider the album, “Kirtan Aid: Orphans of Nambale” by various Spirit Voyage artists. This 21-track album, each track by a different artist, is an incredible collection of master musicians coming together to help support the cause. This is certainly one that you will want to have in your collection. Take note that there is a 2 hour lunar void-of-course period that it may be useful to stay aware of later in the day From 9:14pm -11pm EST (6:14pm – 8pm PST), the Moon is out-to-lunch, or out-to-dinner, as it were, and as a result, we feel a bit off. Don’t make any major plans or decisions at this time. Instead just stick to routine tasks.

The Moon is at half-mast on Thursday as it begins the start of its 2nd-quarter phase. At this time it is exactly halfway between New and Full. As a result, we may feel tension between the male and female polarities down here on Earth. There is a competitive – even combative – feeling in the air as the day gets underway. Lookout for people getting hot under the collar for no obvious reason. Don’t take things personally if other people blow up in your face. Also take extra care on the roadways. People are likely to be more aggressive behind the wheel than usual.

The name of the game on Friday is exercise. It is a time to get out and move the body. Run, walk, swim, do yoga, or participate in a group sport. There is a great deal of pent up energy that needs to be expressed. It needs to be let out. Do so in a healthy way instead of bottling it up inside and waiting for it to explode in a way that may not be so appropriate.

On Saturday morning, the Moon is void-of-course and we may feel a little off kilter upon waking. The energy stabilizes and settles in at 11:15am EST (8:15am EST) when the Moon moves into Taurus. People feel a little more grounded and solid. 

Relax and indulge on Sunday. This is a time to simply enjoy your surroundings. Have fun with loved ones, friends and family members. Enjoy good food, and lots of it! Treat yourself to something special. Self-care is a big theme for today. Listen to music that inspires you and uplifts. Take a walk and feel the Earth beneath your feet. Buy some flowers for your house. Give your loved one a surprise gift.


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