The Moon is waning. This is a week to turn inward and reflect. Choose meditative yoga kriyas over the more strenuous physically-demanding ones. In addition, remember that Mercury is still retrograde – at least, for the first part of the week. Use these final days of Mercury’s apparent backward motion to finish up any retrograde-related tasks. Tie up loose ends, return things that you borrowed, pay back money that you owe. Finish cleaning out the closet. Go through your old contacts, old messages, and old journals. Look through old photo albums. Get re-inspired by something that is of importance to you. You may see something that sparks the desire for a dream or a goal that you once had but maybe forgot about or that got shoved aside by something else.


Monday morning starts out a little sluggish. You may be feeling lazy. Take your time. Attend to your appearance and don’t forget your manners. A polite gesture goes a long way this morning. These things are noticed. Toward the afternoon, the emotional thermometer ramps up. The stingers are coming out and people are going to extremes. Be careful of what you say. Others are more sensitive than usual. It will be easy to hurt others, and others are easily hurt.


There is a fight for power on Tuesday. Keep in mind that it may be subtle. Be on the lookout for passive-aggressive behavior. Keep yourself in check. Take note when you are behaving in this way. Be honest and true, this means taking responsibility for your behavior – regardless of the outcome.


Wednesday is a day for follow-through. Get things done. You have a determination that just won’t quit. If there is any detective work that needs to be done, this is the day to do it. Keep in mind, however, that at 5pm EST (2pm PST), the Moon goes void-of-course and will remain so for the next five hours. During this time our judgement and intuition are off. Make no major decisions during this time.


The big news on Thursday is Mercury’s direct motion. This event also coincides with the New Moon in Sagittarius. What a day for new beginnings! As Mercury stations, meaning that it comes to a stop, we are given a wonderful opportunity for deep meditation. Take this opportunity to look deeply within. When Mercury comes to a stop, so does our mind. Remember also that New Moons are a time of new beginnings. This is a day to bring cycles to a close and begin new ones. Ask yourself what you want to let go of, manifest and/or transform. Plant the seeds today. This is the time to start fresh. If you are interested in starting a new meditation or yoga kriya for forty days, this is a great time to begin.


If you are looking for inspiration in this realm, consider Ajeet Kaur’s album, “Haseya”. The 11+ minute track of the “Ra Ma Da Sa” healing meditation could be just the thing to add to your daily practice to manifest the healing you are looking for for yourself, your loved ones and/or the entire planet.

Be the lighthouse on Friday. The Sun and Moon in uplifting Sagittarius tell us to take the high road. Live the teachings. Share the teachings with others. Be a guide on the path toward the light.


Saturday is a day to get to work. Remember that Saturday is “Saturn’s Day”, and Saturn is the great taskmaster. Furthermore, the Capricorn Moon, who is holding court all weekend, is ruled by Saturn, giving us a double dose of this stern energy. Get to work on domestic chores, take care of the holiday shopping and card-writing. Clean the house. You have plenty to do and you will get it done. Stay focused and be conscious of the time.


Finish the rest of the tasks on Sunday. With the Capricorn Moon still presiding over the emotional energy, we are asked to tighten up the bootstraps and keep working. Get it done. Get going on those goals that you set for yourself at the time of the New Moon on Thursday. Don’t waste any time. Just start and the pressure will be off.

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