As the week begins we are on high from last weekend’s Full Moon. The energy is up and our emotional reserves are strong. As the week continues, however, be aware that this energy may gradually start to wane, just as the Moon is waning each night. She is rising later and later after sunset, and each time she’s a little bit smaller. Don’t push yourself too hard this week. Instead, it is a time to reflect and integrate. Choose kriyas with a more inward-looking quality and go deep in your meditations.


Monday is Christmas Eve! Appropriately, the Moon enters Leo on Monday morning, setting the tone for the festivities. Be jolly! Keep things light and fun. This is a time to simply have a good time. Remember that Leo likes to be a kid. Remember the feeling of being a kid at Christmas, with the excitement and anticipation of Santa’s arrival. Enjoy that spirit and spend time with little ones – whether they are yours or someone else’s. Wear bright, spirited outfits and be merry.


The Leo Moon continues to shine brightly on Tuesday as well. Christmas Day is here! Again, the happy-go-lucky spirit of the Leo Moon encourages us to have fun. It is a day of big smiles, big hugs, and to simply enjoying the company of others. Keep in mind that drama can also play a part! People’s egos may flare and you may find that there are too many chefs and not enough cooks in the kitchen! Everyone wants to be in charge. That’s okay. Let people have their time in the spotlight.


Kwanzaa begins on Wednesday, just as the Moon slips into VIrgo during mid-day. In the afternoon hours, we may be called to pay attention to details and get grounded. Take care of the little things. Clean up the mess from the last couple days of festivities.


On Thursday, the Virgo Moon continues to preside, reminding us to not be judgmental of ourselves or others. Be patient with people and love them for who they are, not who you think they should be. Snatam’s beautiful album, “Beloved” is complete with the perfect tracks to enjoy at this time. “Water of your Love” and “Pooran Jot – Pure Light” are exactly the uplifting mantras to bathe in as the start of the New Year draws near.

The Moon goes void-of-course on Friday morning so take note. At 11:30am EST (8:30am PST), we find ourselves suddenly in a fog. We have lost our sense of direction and intuition. Communication with others becomes muddled and it is like we are dancing with a partner with two left feet. Remember that this is not a time to make any major plans or decisions. Instead just stick to routine tasks. We are back in line at 3:23pm EST (12:23pm PST) when the Moon enters balanced Libra.


Saturday may be full of niceties, but there could be some passive-aggressive behavior going on. With the Sun square to the Moon, tension exists between the masculine and feminine polarities. One side wants love while the other is judgmental, scared and perhaps narrow-minded. Agendas get crossed. The Libra Moon wants balance and justice. Find a way to make peace. Comprise is possible.

Go ahead and indulge on Sunday morning. Enjoy a morning with your loved one, including a nice brunch together. Libra calls for relaxation and a touch of sloth. Feeling lazy? That’s okay. Be lazy. At around 6pm EST (3pm PST) the Moon goes void-of-course and our sense of intuition goes off-kilter. Take a break and engage only in routine tasks for the next couple hours. At 8:23pm EST (5:23pm PST), the Moon is back on track, and things become emotional. Sunday night is a good time to open up to the one you love. Be passionate. Be real. Get to the heart of matters that are most important to you. There is an opportunity now to transform your relationship for the better. Use the challenges of the last couple days as opportunities to examine your actions. Be honest about where the hurt lies. Conquer the source of the problem instead of just putting band-aids on the symptoms.

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