Monday is the official day of the Winter Solstice. For those in the Northern Hemisphere, it is the longest night of the year. From now to the Summer Solstice in June, the days will continue to grow longer. In a sense, this is the “New Moon” or, “New Sun” of the calendar year. It is a time to go deep – to look inward – to be introspective. Clear out the baggage of what is no longer needed in order to set the stage for something new – something you’d like to grow, develop, and/or transform over the next six months.


Meditations for Transformation: Touch Every Heart by Gurunam Singh.

The Winter Solstice is marked by the Sun’s entrance into the grounded Earth sign of Capricorn. For the next four weeks, we are dominated by this Capricorn energy, which calls on us to be efficient, organized and mindful of the time. Set goals. Look toward the mountain summit and start laying plans to get there – one sure step at a time. It is a time to get real – to be honest with yourself and others. Consider incorporating Gurunam Singh’s album, “Touch Every Heart” into your collection of mantra practices or just daily playlist of ambient music in your house and in your car. The second track is the soundtrack to the meditation “Breaking the Mask”, helping to break through the trance-like unreality of the hidden self and touch your real and true identity – the perfect vibration of energy that is required at this time.

Tuesday is one of those days when we may find it hard to connect with our intuition. What happened to the clarity that we had just a couple days earlier? We may feel slightly lost since the Moon is in-between signs. At 9:26am EST (6:26am PST), the Moon goes void-of-course and we suddenly lose our sense of direction. Our beacon is out-of-touch. It isn’t until 9:31pm EST (6:31pm PST) that the Moon is back on track and we can feel our own inner compass return.

Wednesday is a day of communication. Information is buzzing around like crazy. There is a lot to say. There are many people to connect with. Open up yourself to all possibilities. Move quickly through your day. Make phone calls, catch up on e-mails, and get things in the mail.

Thursday is Christmas Eve. The morning hours are abuzz with activity – especially mental activity. There will be many things on everybody’s minds! Many people are talking. Be careful of getting too caught up in the gossip game. At 3:04pm EST (12:04pm PST), watch out. For the remainder of the day (or until 9:27pm PST), the Moon is void-of-course and our sensibilities are off. You may be feeling awkward or uncertain – especially around other people. This isn’t a time to make big plans, agreements, or declarations. Keep the energy light and enjoy.

This year, Christmas Day comes on a Full Moon. Emotional energy is high! There is the potential for huge drama. People are extra sensitive and they aren’t afraid to show their feelings. Everything is out on the table. It is hard to hide anything from anyone so don’t even bother trying.

The Moon is in sensitive Cancer all day on Friday – making everyone a little more susceptible to even the slightest insults or injuries. Furthermore, the energy is emphasizing the polarity between the need for home, comfort and nurturing and the desire to pursue career goals and other worldly activities. This is the time to analyze where you are on that spectrum and consider where you may need to make adjustments in order to create a healthier balance for yourself and your family.

On Saturday, the drama continues. We are still under the effects of the powerful Full Moon. Be gentle with yourself and others. Stay close to home. Connect with your Mother.

On Sunday, the mood picks up. There is a more lighthearted, playful feeling in the air. Wear something bold. Be proud of who you are. This is a day to crack jokes and laugh. Be a kid again. Spend time with children – whether they are your own or someone else’s. Be playful, romantic, and big-hearted. This is a good day to bring out your inner child and have fun.

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