horoscopeThe Spirit Voyage Kundalini Horoscope for December 19-25, 2016:

Last-minute holiday shoppers beware! Mercury goes retrograde on Monday of this week, suggesting that anything you buy with electrical or mechanical parts is going to be a lemon! Avoid purchases of this nature while Mercury appears to be moving backward in the sky, a phenomenon that will continue for the next three weeks. During this time you should avoid signing contracts, making any big deals or purchasing anything with mechanical parts.

eternityIf you are pressed to come up with a last minute shopping idea, consider the gift of music. Hari Rai Kaur’s beautiful new album, “Eternity” is perfect for any recipient who wants to feel uplifted and enriched by a set of beautiful, healing and timeless mantras

Remember that Mercury is the planet of the mind, and as a result, mercury retrograde has a big effect on communication. In general, communication will be off for the next three weeks. There will be more missed appointments, mobile device failures, mishaps regarding driving directions, automobile accidents, etc.  Be sure to back up your hard drives and phones. Electronics are going berserk.

On Tuesday, the Moon is at half-mast – halfway in between Full and New. As she continues to wane throughout the week, we may notice our own physical energy waning. Our emotional reserves are more depleted with each passing day. It becomes harder to meet with the challenges that face us. Hang in there and don’t despair. The lunar energy on Tuesday asks you to pay attention to the details and not get so worried about the big picture. Put your attention on what is directly in front of you and don’t get overwhelmed with the greater issues all around you.

The big news on Wednesday is the Sun’s entrance into Capricorn. For the next four weeks, the Sun will be transiting the cardinal Earth sign, asking us to get up and get moving on goals that are important to us. Make a plan. Set a timeline. Create a budget. Capricorn is under the rule of Saturn, the great taskmaster, encouraging us to dig in and get to work. Do your morning sadhana. Put in the extra effort. You can and will reach your goals. Have faith and most importantly, “when the pressure is on, start and the pressure will be off.”

The name of the game on Thursday is balance. Reset the scales. Note where your life may be swinging too far one way or another. Where are you putting all of your attention? Maybe you need to back off from a certain person or project or issue and put your focus somewhere else. Maybe on yourself?

Do all your big decision making and planning on Thursday morning. At 2:31pm EST (11:31am PST), the Moon goes void-of-course and our intuition is thrown off balance. We feel off – we are unsure which direction to take. At the worst we may feel as if we have completely lost our purpose. Don’t despair! This, too, shall pass.

The emotional thermometer turns up a notch on Friday. With the Moon in intense, passionate Scorpio, the name of the game is extremes. People are going from one extreme to another. There is little to no middle ground. People’s stingers are coming out. Something that you said at a previous time can and will be used against you.

Christmas Eve finds us at a time for celebration. The lunar energy calls on themes of devotion and passion. Be expressive with your love toward others. This is a time to show your true commitment. Don’t hold back. In addition, it is a time for some real heart-to-heart conversations with friends and family. Don’t be afraid to dive into the taboo subjects that you normally skirt away from.

This year, Christmas Day falls on the same day that Hanukkah begins, Sunday December 25th.  It is a good day for spending time with friends and family, reflecting on the year, sharing meals, and enjoying the company that surrounds you. Save all important planning and decision-making for another day. With the Moon void-of-course for the entire day, we feel off, as if we aren’t really ourselves. Don’t worry about it. Stick to routine tasks and enjoy lighting candles and opening presents.

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