The Moon is waning this week. She is rising later and later after sunset, each time appearing smaller and smaller in the night sky. As a result we may feel our emotional reserves waning as well. It is a time to turn inward and focus on yoga sets that are more meditative and relaxing as opposed to those that are more physically challenging. In addition, the Sun is in her last few days of “waning” as well. We are coming up on the Winter Solstice (Saturday), the longest night of the year for those in the Northern hemisphere.

The week begins on a boisterous note. Monday’s Leo Moon calls on us to have fun and be a kid again. Remember to wear your smile into work. Add with it a bright and colorful shirt and perhaps a box of edible treats to share. Compliments go a long way. Tell others how fabulous they look. Take note that at 5:10pm EST (2:10pm PST), the Moon goes void-of-course and for the rest of the day we have lost our sense of direction and intuition. Make no big plans or strategy meetings during this part of the day. Instead, just stick to routine tasks.

On Tuesday, the Moon in Virgo has us feeling grounded and practical. Our analytical mind is in full swing. It is a good day to get things done. Stay on task and take care of the details. Deal with bills, the pile of mail on your desk, and the dishes in the kitchen. As you strive toward perfection, just make sure you don’t get too critical of yourself or others. 

The tricky aspect to Wednesday is the challenging square between the Sun and the Moon. The masculine and feminine forces are at odds with each other and as a result, there may be battles between the sexes. Passive aggressive behavior is lurking in the background, making it difficult to navigate the real issues at hand. Do everyone a big favor today and be a good listener. People need to know that you hear them. Support each other instead of getting angry, walking away and/or avoiding the issues altogether.

The Moon in balanced Libra asks us to smooth things over on Thursday. Libra wants harmony, partnership and conflict resolution. Make amends. Communicate. Bring justice to situations that need mending. If you are in the mood for romance, tonight is a good night for it. Dress in your finest attire and treat your loved one to a special date. If you are on the lookout for someone new, go out with friends to a party or other social event and keep your eyes open. Someone special may be trying to catch your attention.

If you are thinking of doing any redecorating or purchasing of things for your house, Friday is a good day to tackle such things. Your eye for color and patterns is sharp. Looking for a new outfit our accessories for your wardrobe? Go ahead and splurge on something that speaks to you. Have you been practicing the “Thunderbolt of Shiva” mantra lately? Perhaps you have heard about it or heard of someone who is practicing it. Look into it. If you need a track to chant along with and keep you in the naad for 11 minutes, and up to 62 minutes, consider the album, “Har Har Wahe Guru” by Livtar Singh, supported by Snatam Kaur and others.

The big news on Saturday is the Sun’s entrance into Capricorn, marking the exact day of the Winter Solstice. This is the shortest day of the year for those in the Northern Hemisphere, making it a time of new beginnings. This is the time to plant the seeds that you wish to see flourish during the year to come – and beyond. The Sun’s transit through Capricorn over the next four weeks helps to keep you grounded and on task. 

On Sunday, the emotional Scorpio Moon has us swinging back and forth from extreme highs to extreme lows when it comes to our feelings. Be on the lookout for manipulative and controlling behavior. It is also a day to show our dedication to causes, relationships, commitments and family. 


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