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The week starts out with a bang! Monday marks the big Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius, marking the polarity between the Sun in fiery, heart-centered Leo and the Moon in let’s-save-the-world Aquarius. Let the sun shine in! This configuration is exact at 2:11pm EST (11:11am PST) so as a result, it will not be visible for those in North or South America; however, it will be visible for pretty much all of Africa, Europe, Asia and Australia. Regardless of whether you actually see the eclipse or not, its energy will be felt all over the world.

This is a time to make a shift. New ideas are coming to light. New information is coming into the fold. Ask yourself where you need to be less self-centered and how you can serve more. Maybe the balance is tilted more the other way and you need to shift your focus more to yourself and your own needs instead of being so concerned with others. The events in and around the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse will help point you in the new direction you need to go.

The emotional thermometer continues to be high on Tuesday with the effects of the eclipse still lingering. It may be hard to sleep. Your dream state is likely to be quite active. Pay attention to the messages that come to you in the night. As for the daytime hours, all looks good up until 3:07pm EST (12:07pm PST) when the Moon goes void-of-course. For the next three hours, we’ll feel off. We have lost our sense of direction. It feels as if we have lost connection with our intuition. Don’t make any big plans or decisions during this time. Take a siesta, do some meditation, proceed with routine tasks.

The mood on Wednesday is dreamy and romantic. This is a time to be creative and to express yourself in ways that do not require words. It is a time to dance, play music and make art. Let your creative juices flow. Indulge your fanciful, dreamy, artistic side. Take time for yourself – alone – and be with the trees and the birds and the sound of the wind. Get off the tracks, spend time by the water and decompress.

There is a long lunar void-of-course period on Thursday, (from 9:38am PST 6:38am PST onward) suggesting that it may be a good idea to call in sick, stay home and do yoga all day. Mix it in with routine chores around the house. If you are looking for inspiration with regard to new meditations to explore, look no further than the gems contained in Mahankirn Kaur’s beautiful book Three Min Start. Her mastery comes through in every word. Let her gorgeous presentation of posture, breath and mantra inspire you to make a dramatic change in your mood or outlook in just 3 minutes or less. This book is truly for the householder yogi!

The energy is activating and assertive on Friday. This is a good day to engage your physical body in a good strenuous workout. You have great power at your disposal. You may find that if you don’t utilize this energy through walking, hiking, biking or some other physical means, that it may come out in the form of anger, tension or stress. You may find yourself blowing up at a loved one for no good reason. Take a long walk with your loved one instead.

The big news on Saturday is that it marks the start of the next period of Mercury retrograde. This is the time when Mercury appears to be moving backward in its orbit, thus creating disruption with communication, travel and mechanical and electrical objects here on Earth. For the next three weeks it is best that you avoid signing any contracts or purchasing anything with electronic or mechanical parts. Instead, use this time to reflect, review, and redo. Collect money that is owed to you. Return objects that you borrowed.

This Sunday is truly a day of rest. It is the perfect day to indulge in good food, music, and comfortable surroundings. Enjoy the company of others. Trade foot massages with your loved one tonight.

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