Mercury is direct and the Moon is waxing. You may feel a forward motion that you haven’t felt in weeks. The astrological energy is supportive of actions toward your goals and dreams. Consider the seeds you planted at the time of the New Moon last Wednesday. Keep on with these ideas – stay vigilant. Keep up with your diet plan, and keep an eye on your spending budget. Move forward with grace and confidence and have faith that everything is going to work out just fine.

On Monday, the Libra Moon calls for romance. Energetically we want to partner up. Reach out to others and be honest with regard to your feelings. Maybe you need to make amends with someone you love. This is a good time to talk, to mend bridges and to make alliances. It is also a good time for a date with someone new. Wear an attractive outfit and don’t forget the accessories. Take extra time with your hair. Appearances matter. So do manners. Remember to mind your p’s and q’s. 

There is a lunar void-of-course period on Tuesday that is important to be aware of. From the early morning hours until 11:31am EST (8:31am PST), the Moon has not woken up yet, and as a result, we tend to have that same feeling. Our intuition is not quite up and running. Make no major decisions or plans during this time. It’s okay to sleep in and not go to work until the Moon is back online.

On Wednesday, the Moon is at half-mast – that is, she is halfway between New and Full. As a result, you may feel an uncomfortable bend in the road. You may need to adjust your plans a bit. You may be running up against challenges that you did not foresee at the time of the New Moon last week. You may need to change your course accordingly. At the same time, there is a certain amount of friction between the masculine and feminine polarities. Struggles for control may be an underlying theme. Secrets are bubbling up to the surface. People are being overly dramatic. Everyone is being more stubborn than usual.

Set your plan for the day early on Thursday. Everything is clear until 11am EST (8am PST) when the Moon goes void-of-course. For the next five and a half hours, we feel as if we have lost our sense of direction. Our intuition is off. It is not a good time to make decisions or plans. Instead, just stick to routine tasks. In the afternoon and evening, however, the fog lifts and the Sun is out. Moods improve and there is a sense of optimism in the air. 

Lift your spirits on Friday. Enjoy the guided meditations given in Vedya Kaur’s album, “Welcoming Everything – Our Nature State of Wellness.” This gorgeous album, narrated by the soothing, angelic voice of Vedya Kaur “weaves healing sound vibrations of singing bowls, the symphonic gong and other instruments through the iRest yoga nidra meditation. This easy, gentle practice can help release energetic blockages, allowing the consciousness to expand. Take time with yourself each day to restore, meditate and integrate into your nature state of well being.”

The morning is the time to shine and get clear on Saturday. The sky is the limit. Think big and enjoy the company of those around you. At 3:50pm EST (12:50pm PST), however, we run into a snag. For the next 9 hours, the Moon is void-of-course, suggesting that we are likely to be in a fog for pretty much the rest of the day. Make no major decisions or plans during this time. Our intuition is off. Just stick to routine tasks.

On Sunday, the Capricorn Moon is holding court and she is asking us to get ourselves orgaizned. Get things in order. Make plans. Work on tasks around the house. Even though Sunday is often considered a day of rest, on this Sunday the Moon has other plans. You may feel the pressure of time. Once you get started on projects and get the ball rolling on things that need to be done, you will feel the pressure lift. Get to work.

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