The week begins on a calm and stable note thanks to the Moon’s comforting presence in the sensitive, nurturing sign of Taurus. All is well on the home front when you turn your attention to a big batch of yogi tea and a homemade dinner of steamed greens and quinoa. Good food and comfortable surroundings are the name of the game for the first day of this week.

There is no need to move too quickly! Remember that life is not a rush to the finish line. The Taurus Moon asks everyone to slow down and be gentle. Calm the nerves with a nice salt bath or trip to the spa. Exchange foot rubs with someone you love. Loving touch, soothing music, and pleasures of the five senses are all extremely favored during this time so feel free to indulge in all of the above.

Tuesday’s energy suggests a similar mood, but by Tuesday night, the mental chatter might start to get in the way of your good time. Do your best to quiet the mind with some gentle pranayam and the mantra “Sat Nam” (truth is my identity). A nice long mental vibration of “Sat” on the inhale and “Nam” on the exhale can go a long way in relaxing the brain and resetting the nervous system in order to calm the body and prepare you for the frenzy that is likely to ensue over the next couple days.

Frenzy? Frenzy?? Yes, frenzy. On Wednesday – the day of Mercury – the Moon in Gemini will square off with the Sun and Mercury in Virgo, thus creating a bit of tension over the communication airwaves. Plans, ideas, and egos may clash as fantasy hits square on with reality. Push may come to shove and the gossip channels will be flowing with good juicy tidbits of who did what to whom!

The best course of action during this potentially volatile time? Don’t engage in it! Don’t feed the fire of illusion by adding your own two cents to make someone else look bad so that you can look good. Stay out of business that isn’t yours. Smile, nod, and say nothing. Return to the simple mantra of “sat nam” to cut the energy and stop further damage from being done.

At the same time, refrain from excess criticism – especially toward yourself! Don’t take anything too seriously and remember that in the end, it’s all an illusion!

On Thursday, favorable lunar aspects help to rectify difficult situations and correct any misunderstandings that may have happened during the previous day. People will be more amenable and eager to make friends. This is a good time to strengthen the lines of communication with a loved one and renew connections with an old friend you may have lost touch with.

On Friday, the Cancer Moon encourages you to stay home as opposed to going out on the town. You will find that sitting back on a cozy couch with ice cream and a movie will be much more rewarding than trying to find comfort in a loud, crowded setting outside of your home.

Your nurturing, nesting instincts will kick in on this day, and special attention should be paid to children, family, and especially mothers! Cook a nice meal for your mother and enjoy it together in the company of the people you love most.

Saturday is a great day to stay in and take care of the home. Attend to household projects! Clean the deck, repair furniture, and sweep out from behind the couch. Consult a feng shui resource on how you might spruce up the energy centers in your home in order to make them more favorable towards inviting the kind of positive, healthy chi you’d like to manifest.

Get out your sewing kit and attend to clothes or linins that may need repair. Consider embarking on a canning project – cooking up fresh, local season fruits and making jams or jellies that can be jarred and put away for a special treat in later months or given away as gifts around the holiday season.

Sunday’s energy brings a festive mood. Fill this day with laughter, exuberance, and good plain fun in the company of those you love. Be a kid again and indulge in all the kid-like things that you love to do most. Big hugs are in order. Call up friends and family and tell them how much you love them! Simple gestures of this nature will go a long way so don’t hesitate when expressing exactly how you feel.

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