The Moon is waxing. She is getting bigger and bigger with each passing day. Remember the seeds you planted last Monday at the solar eclipse? Don’t forget about them! This is the time when you are growing your dream as the Moon is growing. Give light to the areas of darkness. Move forward with confidence as your emotional energy grows with each passing day.

On Monday, the morning begins with a lunar void-of-course period, suggesting that you shouldn’t run into work early with a bunch of “great ideas” and strategies for how you are going to proceed for the day, or the week. In fact, just the opposite. Plan on sleeping in! Go into work late. Nothing productive will happen until the afternoon when the Moon is back on course. It isn’t until 3:48pm EST (12:48pm PST) that we get our intuition back and we feel as if our heads are screwed back onto our bodies again!

The difficulty on Tuesday stems from the fact that the Moon is at half-mast. She is halfway between New and Full, meaning that she is at a challenging angle with the Sun. As a result, male and female polarities are off. Friction results. You may need to change your tactic when working with members of the opposite sex. Digging your heels into the ground certainly is not the answer. It is only going to make things worse.

Take the high road on Wednesday. This is a day to expand your mind and expand your opportunities. Think big. Get inspired by literature that moves you. If you are looking for a new book, either as a gift for yourself or someone else, consider Essential Kundalini Yoga by Karena Virginia and Dharm Khalsa. These two incredible beings have teamed up to create a beautiful resource, not just of Kundalini kriyas and meditations but also essential teachings from Yogi Bhajan, their own personal experiences with Kundalini Yoga, and helpful tips for the very beginner practitioner.

Thursday is your day to get to work early and get things done. Motivation is running high. Take advantage of this time and tackle your to-do list. Your sense of time is keen, and you shouldn’t be afraid to say no to people and commitments in order to preserve your energy for the important tasks, duties, and goals that you want to tackle. Get things started! Get the ball rolling on projects that are important to you.

Stay grounded on Friday. Be practical. Don’t take any unnecessary risks, especially with your body. Consider how you are taking care of your physical body these days – especially your bones, joints and teeth. Have you had a dental checkup recently? Have you been flossing every day? Take stock of these things and create a plan for yourself – maybe a stricter diet and lifestyle. Consider how you may not be taking the greatest care of yourself. Be realistic with what you can achieve. Set goals that you can actually attain. Consider what you need to cut down on or eliminate completely from your diet or lifestyle.

The early morning is clear on Saturday, but we reach a hiccup at 12:30pm EST (9:30am PST) when the Moon goes void-of-course. For the next three and a half hours, we may feel as if we are in the “twilight zone”. It is hard to make decisions and interactions with others seem off. During this mid-day period it is best to stick to routine tasks as opposed to trying to make big decisions or plans. Just enjoy and go with the flow.

On Sunday, unexpected events may bring you together with people that you didn’t expect to be with. Remember that Mercury is still retrograde. People from your past may crop up out of nowhere. Consider what loose ends you have with them. Maybe something needs to get patched up. Maybe you owe someone money. Maybe someone owes you money. This is a time to return what you borrowed and collect what was leant out. It is a good time to go through old boxes of cards and pictures and throw things out or sort them into an album. Organize it or let it go!

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