Emotions are running high as the week gets underway. We are coming off the heels of a Full Moon this past weekend, suggesting that people are exposing more of themselves than usual. For the rest of the week, the Moon will be turning inward. She is waning. Each night she will rise later and later until the point when you may be going to bed well before she wakes up. As a result, we are called to turn inward this week as well. Practice yoga sets that are more meditative as opposed to those that are more physically-oriented and demanding.


On Monday, the sensitive Pisces Moon presides. She encourages us to get in touch with our feminine side and express ourselves through ways other than the usual spoken conversation. Turn to music, dance and art. This is a time to let your creative juices run wild. Paint something. Draw a picture, write poetry for the one you love. Write essays in your journal and document your dreams. Play music that you haven’t listened to in a while and dance around the house. Encourage others to play in these ways of creative self-expression, free from judgment or edit.


On Tuesday there is a short lunar void-of-course period that is helpful to be aware of. From 10am – 12:30pm EST (7am – 9:30am PST), the Moon is “in between” signs, suggesting that she has gone backstage for a moment to change costumes. As she does this, it feels as if we have lost our sense of intuition and direction. Remember not to make any big decisions or hold any strategy meetings during this time. You are better off sticking to routine tasks. After this time, however, all systems are a ‘go’.


We feel fired up on Wednesday with the Moon in assertive Aries. You may notice a bit of anger rising to the surface – in yourself, in others, or all of the above. To mitigate this you may want to practice the classic Kundalini Yoga set, “To Release Inner Anger.” This fabulous set can be found among many other great kriyas in the book, “Owner’s Manual for the Human Body”. Indeed, it is best that you channel this extra energy into something productive or constructive as opposed to letting it come out in the form of violence perhaps towards someone you care about most.

Everyone is a bit more aggressive on the road on Thursday. There is a feeling of competition in the air. Everyone wants to be first. It is easy to snap. Long deep breathing is a good friend to have at this time. Slow down and be patient. Take your time and stay calm. In addition, take note of another lunar void-of-course period. From 7pm-9:30pm EST (4pm – 6:30pm PST), the Moon is out to lunch. We will feel off during this evening period. Connections with others feel strange. We have lost our sense of direction. Don’t sweat it. Go with the flow and let it pass.


Friday is a great day for follow through. Finish up tasks that need to be completed before the weekend. You are determined. Use this energy to get the job done. Be strong, be bold and stay confident. Don’t let others throw you off balance. You know what you need to do so do it.


Saturday is a good day to relax. Enjoy the pleasures of the five senses. This is a great day to get a massage and take a bubble bath. Take a walk in the woods and smell the air. Listen to the wind in the trees. Enjoy wonderful home cooked meals. Spoil yourself. Go shopping for new clothes. Buy something nice for someone you love. If you are thinking about a going on a date this weekend, do it. Saturday and Saturday night are the perfect times. Splurge.


On Sunday, things get messy when people say more than they should. When in doubt keep your lips shut. A difficult square between the Sun and the Moon suggests disharmony between the male and female polarity. Some are being nit-picky and critical. Others are being bossy and insensitive. Cool your jets and don’t fan the fire. This, too, shall pass.

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