The Moon is waning as the week gets underway. We find ourselves turning inward and processing information and events from the past three weeks. This is a time to reflect and integrate as we get ready to start fresh with new commitments this Friday. Meanwhile remember that we have just moved into a new season – the Solar transit of Virgo. We are at the start of this four-week period during which time we are asked to get grounded and be practical. Attend to the details and renew our commitment to a regular practice, regime, diet, budget, etc. Consider what needs to be done on a daily basis to help manifest the long-term goals that are important to you at this time.

Monday is the “Moon’s Day” – even more pronounced today thanks to the fact that the Moon is in her home sign of Cancer (ruled by the Moon). We are feeling extra moody today as our feelings wax and wane like the tides. We are all super sensitive and easily hurt. Great comfort is found at home, with our mothers and with good homemade food. Nurture yourself. Take a bubble bath. Connect with the water element. Take a walk by the river. Listen to Mirabai Ceiba’s album, “Agua De Luna”. Nothing could be more perfect for the energy of the day. Tracks like “El Rio” and “Heart of Perfect Wisdom” help you connect with your soul, your intuition and your own nurturing power.

Tuesday is a challenging day. We feel weird, we feel off. Does it seem like you can’t make a decision? Do your connections with others seem awkward? This is because the Moon is void-of-course for pretty much the entire day. It isn’t until 8pm EST (5pm PST) that the Moon is back on track and we have our beacon of intuition back with us again. Until that time, don’t make any major decisions or plans. It is best to just stick to routine tasks.

There is a flamboyant, showy flare of energy on Wednesday. It seems like everyone wants to be on center-stage. Does it feel like your life has suddenly become a broadway musical? Every conversation is a song? Maybe every incident is filled with a bit more drama than necessary. This is due to the Leo Moon transiting overhead. Go ahead and make it fun. Work with the energy. Be bold. Wear bright and attention-getting clothing. Be a kid again. Turn on the charm when it comes to romance. This can be a fun night out. Bring flowers to the one you love. Go overboard with flattery and praise. Be expressive. Have fun. Dance.

There is another long lunar void-of-course period on Thursday. Take the day off from work if you can. The workplace may be a place of confusion. It is hard to make decisions or figure out which way to proceed. Our intuition is off until 8pm EST (5pm PST). It isn’t until that time that our heads are back on track. 

Friday is the headlining day of the week. This is the day that the Sun and the Moon come together in the sign of VIrgo. It is a time to let go and start fresh. Drop any problems, habits or unwanted baggage at this time in order to make room for fresh new experiences, goals and people to come into your life. This is a good time to push the ‘reset’ button on your life and get clear with regard to what you would like to manifest. 

Saturday is another one of those days that includes a long lunar void-of-course period. From 4:46am – 7:08pm EST (1:46am – 4:08pm PST), we feel off-kilter and out-of-balance. It is not a good time to make any big decisions or plans. It is hard to find our sense of direction or intuition. Stick to routine tasks. 

Sunday is a wonderful day for romance. Do things with a partner. Enjoy a lovely brunch together with someone you love. Take your sweetheart out on a date on Sunday night. Mind your manners and take extra care of your appearance. It is a day for harmony, balance and peace. Take it easy, indulge and enjoy.

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