Full sun eclipse

The big day is here! There has been much anticipation and excitement leading up to the time of this exciting New Moon Solar Eclipse, which takes place during mid-day on Monday, the exact path of which cuts directly across the United States from the Southeast to the Northwest. The exact conjunction of the Sun and the Moon is at 2:30pm EST (11:30am PST). Have your special glasses or observation device ready!

Energetically, we look to the fact that this eclipse is happening in the final degrees of Leo, the sign of the lion. Both the Sun and the Moon are coming together in this fixed fire sign to remind us that it’s all about love! Leo is ruled by the heart, and we are being asked at this time to embrace this idea on all levels. Note your posture and how you are holding yourself. Are you slumping forward, hiding or trying to protect your heart? Mentally where does your heart rank in the pecking order of your day-to-day decision-making? Are you able to let love rule your emotions instead of fear?

Leo is also the sign of leadership. This eclipse is asking us to all embrace the leader within. Stand up for your own truth, sat nam. Take the lead in your family or community by demonstrating a heart-centered way to live life. Ask where you can serve. Laugh more, smile more, and open your home up to others on a regular basis.

Remember that all New Moons are times of new beginnings – but this one happens to be especially potent! If there is a habit you wish to break once and for all, this is the time to put it on your altar and say goodbye, I don’t need you anymore. In addition, if there is a practice or habit you wish to adopt in your life, if there is a new cycle that you wish to get underway, this is the time to plant the seed. Make it happen.

If you are looking for a new meditation or yoga kriya to practice, turn to the book Transitions to a Heart-Centered World by Gururattan Kaur Khalsa. This rich, beautifully crafted book has fantastic sets and meditations to practice with this theme in mind. Sets like the “Heart Opener,” “Heart Connection,” and “Heart and Soul” are just a couple of examples.

Furthermore, it is a time for us all to operate in this way on a collective level. This eclipse is signaling a time when those who embrace this idea of heart-centered way of living will come into power and help direct and lead the way.

Monday is a day of meditation and deep self-reflection. Leo is about the self, the ego, and one’s own identity. Examine your consciousness! Ask yourself what changes you need to make in order for you to be a greater contributor in this crucial time of our co-creation of a truly heart-centered world.

The big news on Tuesday is the Sun’s entrance into Virgo, the sign of the virgin. For the next four weeks, we are asked to get grounded, pay attention to the details, and cultivate a healthy diet and daily routine.

On Wednesday, lookout for a lunar void-of-course period between 4pm and 9pm EST (1pm and 6pm PST). During this time, make no major decisions or plans.

Thursday finds us smooth sailing. It’s a good day for romance, artistic endeavors, and activities involving a partner of any kind.

Friday is a great day for love and romance. Go out on a date with your loved one on Friday. If there is someone that you have your eye on, Friday is a good time to ask that person out on a first date.

Over the weekend, the Moon makes its transit through intense, emotionally charged Scorpio. The emotional thermometer will be turned up several notches. On both Saturday and Sunday, connect with the water element and find a healthy outlet to express your powerful feelings. There is a great deal of energy rising to the surface. Do not try to stuff it down inside. Be honest with yourself, go to those scary places, and face the taboo issues that lie under the rug.

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