Pendel und Tierkreis

This week, the Moon is waning – meaning that she is getting smaller and smaller with each passing day. As a result, we may feel as if our own emotional reserves are waning as well. The smallest things may set us off. It is a time to practice yoga sets that are more introspective and meditative as opposed to more challenging and physically demanding.

On Monday, the Moon is exactly halfway between New and Full, as she rises around midnight and sets around midday. The Moon and the Sun are at 90 degrees to each other, suggesting that there may be challenges between the male and female polarity. Are you feeling friction with someone of the opposite sex? Not surprising! This is to be expected.

Communication will help ease the situation on Tuesday. The Moon in mutable Gemini is urging you to talk it out. Keep the conversation light and be reasonable. This is not the time to go deeply into any heavy emotional issues. Instead, it is best to go with the flow and just deal with the facts. Resist the urge to get caught up in waves of gossip. Connect with your neighbors and siblings.

The word on Wednesday is to connect with a power greater than yourself for guidance. Start the morning with a strong sadhana, or morning practice. At the very least, take three minutes to sit in silence and offer a prayer to the divine. Take a moment to offer your gratitude for your life and the beautiful people around you. Perhaps you are looking for an avenue to connect with a higher power and ground yourself in some way.

Are you curious about the Sikh morning prayer, Japji, but yet are unsure how to connect with it? Consider Gurutej Singh and Shanti Kaur’s book Guru Nanak’s Call of the Soul: Japji Sahib. This beautifully crafted book is broken down by pauris and makes this powerful morning prayer accessible to all, with insightful translations and commentary on each section of the bani, a prayer which is said to contain all of the Siri Guru Granth Sahib.

The energy on Thursday may start out a little shaky and uncertain. A three-hour void-of-course Moon in the morning makes us feel as if we have lost our intuition. Don’t make any major decisions or plans when you first get up or get to work. Tell your boss you are coming in late. This is a day to sleep in! It isn’t until 12:13pm EST (9:13am PST) that the Moon enters the next sign and we feel as if our head is screwed back on straight again.

People are sensitive and easily hurt on Friday. Be prepared for an emotional roller coaster. Be aware that you aren’t immune to this energy either. Everyone is feeling more vulnerable. Treat people accordingly. Soothe your own emotions by taking time near the water. Enjoy a long bubble bath. Take a walk around a lake or next to a creek. Get in touch with your own feelings and find a safe space to express them. Get them out instead of hiding them deep within.

Saturday brings with it another morning void-of-course period to be aware of. Again, make no major decisions in the morning. It isn’t until 1:55pm EST (10:55am PST) that the Moon comes back “online” and we have our intuition back with us again. For the rest of the day, the word is to have fun. Embrace your inner child and be a kid. It is a good night to go out and see the theater.

Sunday is a great day to spend time with children. Surround yourself with the energy of little ones. Let them inspire you to express yourself in new ways. Do art projects, dress up in fun, attention-getting clothing, role play, dance, and play music together. Smile and embrace others with huge hugs. Picnics in the sun are strongly encouraged. This is a day to have fun, enjoy and let yourself go. Explore your playful, romantic side. If there is someone you are interested in romantically, this would be a great afternoon or evening to take him or her out on a fun, festive first date.

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