The Moon is waxing this week. Our energy is growing. Our emotional reserves are increasing with each day. All is good! It is a time to practice physically challenging yoga sets to get your energy moving and get your kundalini rising! The Sun is still transiting through heart-centered Leo, reminding us to lead with our hearts! Merge the upper triangle with the lower triangle. Open your heart to others – listen, love, relax and enjoy. This is a time to have fun and be a kid again.


On Monday, the Moon asks us to pay attention to the details. Get organized and stay grounded. We may have a tendency to be to hard on ourselves now – and on others. Resist the unconscious pull to slip into this unhealthy pattern. Be good to yourself. Feed your body nutritious food. Take a walk in the woods. Feel the Earth beneath your feet.


On Tuesday, the Moon in gracious Libra encourages us to mend broken bridges. Use your manners. Be polite. Connect people. This is a day for partnership. It is a day to work together toward a common goal. Remember that you will have more success if you are polite and pay attention. Keep the energy light. Compliment others.


If romance is on your mind, make a move on Wednesday. Wednesday night would be a great time to take someone out on a date. Consider offering him or her a gift just to show him or her that you care. Looking for ideas? Everyone loves the gift of music. The album, “Haseya” by Ajeet Kaur is a wonderful example of a collection of mantras with true heart and soul behind it. The 11-minute “Ra Ma Da Sa” is the healing track you are looking for.

The cosmic energy takes a turn on Thursday with the Moon in Scorpio holding court. Suddenly everything becomes a drama – a big drama. Emotions that had been buried deeply down are now rising to the surface and shooting out the top like a volcano. Intensity is in the air – for better or for worse. The key now is to get to the heart of the matter – which shouldn’t be hard to do. Go ahead and touch those taboo issues that no one likes to deal with. Now that the emotions have been unearthed, get in there and do the dirty work.


Emotions continue to run hot on Friday as the first quarter Moon approaches. Tension may be heating up between the masculine and feminine polarity. Egos are charged and there is a control for power. You may find that there are too many chefs and not enough cooks. There are too many people wanting to run the show and everyone wants to have his or her own way. On the positive side, this is a good day for follow-through. Finish up projects that need to get done. It is a time to take things through to completion.


Saturday morning feels a bit topsy-turvy with the Moon at half-mast and a morning void-of-course lunar period that throws our sense of intuition out of balance. Things start to smooth out after 12:45pm EST (9:45am PST) when the Moon enters Sagittarius, encouraging us to burn away what is no longer needed! Take the high road. Be flexible. Be willing to change.


Relief comes on Sunday thanks to the fact that Mercury has gone direct. The planet of the mind, communication and travel now resumes its apparent forward motion in the sky, thus improving all things Mercury-related. Sunday itself is a great day to meditate since this is the day that Mercury (the mind) stands still for a moment before changing directions. As a result, it may be easy for us to get our minds to stand still as well!


The good news is that it is safe to sign contracts again, make deals and purchase things with mechanical parts. Keep in mind that you may need to patch up any misunderstands or mishaps that occurred during the past three weeks while Mercury was retrograde. In general, the coast is clear and it’s time to move forward with projects that are important to you. The green light is back on!

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