You have a good excuse to sleep in on Monday. In fact, you have a good excuse to stay in bed for pretty much the entire day. Take a personal day from work if you can. Nothing productive will happen in the workplace beyond the execution of routine tasks. This is because the Moon is void-of-course from 4:30am – 5:15pm EST (1:30am – 2:15pm PST). During this period we feel as if we have lost our sense of direction. Intuition is off and interpersonal communication is strained. It feels as if we are dancing with a partner with two left feet. In general, you should avoid making any big decisions on this day. Everyone and everything just feels “off”. You may feel as if you have lost your sense of purpose. Don’t get down on yourself or anyone else. The feeling is only temporary. In the late afternoon and evening hours, you’ll be back on your toes and making up for lost time. The Moon in quick-witted Gemini will put your head back into action. Lots of questions may come your way but fear not – you will have the answers.


On Tuesday, the Moon continues its transit through the mutable air sign of Gemini. With the Sun blazing through brave, pioneering Aries, the combination is activating. The Gemini air is fueling the Aries fire. Information is feeding the flames. The heat is rising. Where do you stand? Be careful of what role you play in the dynamic that is unfolding. Make a distinction between what is truth and what is not. The gossip train can get out of hand today. Watch out that you don’t get too involved in a drama that simply isn’t yours to get tangled in.


There is another long lunar void-of-course period on Wednesday, so take note. From 1:27pm – 11:31pm EST (10:27am – 8:31pm PST), the Moon is doing her backstage change-of-costume, that is – she is “in between” signs and thus temporarily we have lost our beacon of intuition. Make no major decisions during this time. You are better off just following through with things that are already in motion.

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On Thursday, the name of the game is sensitivity. Everyone is more sensitive than usual. Dare we say, “moody”? Indeed, people’s emotions may be up and down today like the tides. Be careful when interacting with others. People are easily hurt and might be quick to snap back. The more you try to probe, the more they may retreat into their shells. For best results, feed them a good meal. Snacks will go a long way in lifting moral.


The Moon is at “half mast” on Friday, that is – she is halfway between New and Full. At this juncture she is at 90 degrees to the Sun, thus creating an angle of substantial tension. As a result, you may notice tension between the masculine and feminine polarities here on Earth. The battle of the sexes is in full swing. Take note that this might not be the best night for a romantic date with a loved one. Indeed, friction may result.


The outlook is sunny for Saturday. The Moon in happy-go-lucky Leo is encouraging everyone to lighten up, be a kid again and simply have a good time. Open your heart.


Sunday is a good day to be a kid again. Spend time with children – either your own, someone else’s, or both. Attend a party or host one yourself. It is a festive day that should be enjoyed in the company of others. Wear something spectacular and encourage others to do the same. Smile big and let your whole body laugh. If you notice that you start to feel uninspired or a bit “off” after 9:38pm EST (6:38pm PST), don’t panic. This is to be expected. The Moon has gone off duty for the night. Take your cue from Mother Moon and pack it in early. You’ll be back on track on Monday morning.

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