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The week begins on an emotionally-charged note, thanks to the Full Moon that is still lingering. The Full Moon was exact this past Sunday, thus illuminating the truth to everyone. With the Moon still quite full in extreme Scorpio as the week gets underway, we feel feel a strong pull from the emotional tide. The smallest things may set us off into a rage of jealousy and/or rage. Power struggles may ensue. We are suspicious of others. At the same time, this is a good time to get to the heart of things. Get to the truth of the matter. Stop operating on merely the surface level. Go deep and talk about the taboo issues that no one wants to deal with.

Through the rest of the week, the Moon is waning – getting smaller and smaller with each passing day. Our mood becomes more introspective and meditative as we turn inward, as we slowly close down as the Moon is closing down herself. As a result, practice yoga sets that are more meditative as opposed to physically-oriented.

The Moon is void-of-course on Tuesday morning, suggesting that we may want to sleep in instead of jumping out of bed early and deciding how we are going to conquer the world. Go into work late. It isn’t until 11:20am EST (8:20am PST) that we have our intuition back with us again. Our sense of direction returns. We are good to go for the rest of the day.

Take the high road on Wednesday. Elevate yourself and the people around you. The Moon is in Sagittarius now – a sign of transformation. Look to a spiritual teacher or teachings that you resonate with. Bring yourself up. Bring others up along with you. Snatam Kaur’s gorgeous album, Release & Overcome is a perfect addition to the day. With two nice long juicy tracks to indulge in, you can’t help by being elevated by these sacred chants that Snatam brings to life wish tremendous grace and beauty.

Take a chance on Thursday. The Moon in positive, courageous Sagittarius is encouraging an attitude of faith and trust. Have faith that what you set out to do will work out for the best. Be bold. Reach for the stars. This is a time of expansion. Thinking of doing some travel? Yes. This is a good time to research and/or plan. Expand your mind and sense of self by expanding your horizons on the physical plane. Also consider subscribing to a magazine or online group that inspires you to explore another culture or country.

Friday is a day to get to work. The Capricorn Moon is suggesting an attitude of duty. We need to get things done. The pressure is on. You may feel the constraint of time. Remember one of the sutra’s of the Aquarian Age, as given by Yogi Bhajan: “When the pressure is on, start and the pressure will be off.”

Let this strong work ethic continue into Saturday as well. Take care of chores around the house. There are domestic projects that need to get done. This is the time to do it. Scrub the tub, repair things that need fixing, and wash all the sheets on the bed. You may need to say no to social opportunities or offers to go out and fun. Limit the number of people you see and distractions that may take you away from your more important duties at home. Gratification will come when you put your nose to the grindstone and really get things done. Take advantage of the day. Don’t let it go to waste.

Let your individual nature shine on Sunday. Do things your own way. Follow through on projects that are important to you. There is a rebellious feeling to the day. Push the envelope. Go against the norm. Furthermore, it is a good time connect with like-minded individuals. Connect with people who share the same values that you do. Gather together with folks, either in-person or virtually and work toward a goal that you share. The energy of the group is powerful today. Take advantage. Be social. Connect and find comfort in the company of the holy. A wonderful surprise awaits you.




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