The Moon is waxing this week. We are moving full steam ahead with projects that are important. The Moon is staying up later each night and getting larger as the end of the week approaches. We may feel a crescendo of emotional energy. Emotions are ramping up, leading to a climax at the Full Moon this Sunday. More of the truth is exposed. Your dream state becomes more and more active as the week progresses. You may find it harder to get to sleep. At night you are more active and more restless. We find ourselves staying up later and later with the waxing Moon.

On Monday, the Moon in Leo puts a jovial spin on everything. We are feeling kid-like. Our actions are dramatic, and perhaps overly-dramatic. People may insert more drama into the situation than there needs to be. Also, people’s egos are more inflated than usual. Suggest ego-eradicator in your yoga classes. Also be sure to practice it on your own at home. It is easy to see everything from a very selfish perspective. On the flip side to this energy, smile big and laugh loudly. Compliment others on their hair and/or dress. Flattery will open doors.

On Tuesday, watch out for a two hour void-of-course period during mid-day. From 2:40pm – 4:40pm EST (11:40am – 1:40pm PST), the Moon is “in between” signs and thus, we have lost our sense of direction. Our “sixth sense” is out to lunch. Make no major plans or decisions during this time. Instead, stick to routine tasks. Meditation is also good. Take a siesta.

22690-300X300Wednesday is a day to get grounded and organized. Pay attention to the details and get things in order. Pay bills and straighten out your closet. Clean kitchen cabinets, label things, create a system that will help you find your belongings. This is also a good day to take care of your health. Create a better system for self-care. Consider what needs to be done on a daily basis in order to manifest the kind of overall lifestyle and health that you desire. Are you being too hard on yourself mentally? Maybe there are some old demons that weigh on your emotional state, telling yourself that you aren’t good enough or aren’t worthy enough. Perhaps you are down on your physical body and not sure how to create a positive relationship with it. If this is the case, or perhaps you know someone for whom this is true, consider the book and/or companion album, The Body Temple: Guided Meditations for Radical Self-Love by Dr. Ramdesh Kaur. The beautiful thing is that Ramdesh Kaur has lived this path and experienced first hand the power of the mantras, meditations, and positive self-talk that she presents in this album and yoga manual. This technology is a true gift for anyone who wants to open themselves up to a whole new level of self-love.

The Moon is void-of-course for a significant portion of the day on Thursday, suggesting that it is not the best time to make any big plans, decisions or hold any strategizing meetings at work. From 5:49am – 9:13pm EST (2:49am – 6:13pm PST), we have lost our sense of direction. This is a good day to stay home from work and meditate. Take walks in nature. Communication with others is awkward. We are each doing a dance of uncertainty, only adding to the overall confusion.

Friday is a great day (and evening) for romance. Schedule a date with the one you love. If you are looking for someone new, this is a good day to take a chance with a stranger. Go online and make a move. Propose a meeting. Love is in the air.

The mood is social and amiable on Saturday. Plan a gathering with friends. Wear something festive. Get your hair cut. Go shopping. Your sense of color and style is right on.

Sunday is the day of the Full Moon. This is likely to be a highly-emotionally charged day with huge mood swings from super high to super low. Be sensitive to others. Be a good listener. We all need a little more personal space and comfort.




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