The Moon is waning this week. We are coming down from the high of last week’s super-charged emotional high. This is a week to integrate and reflect on what we have learned. Choose yoga sets that are more meditative as opposed to those that are more physically challenging. The Moon will rise later and later each night after sunset, and each night she will reveal less and less of herself. Your sleep schedule might feel]off. Make sure that you are getting plenty of rest and taking good care of yourself. Self-care is the name of the game.


On Monday, enrich your mind and expand your horizons. Look for ways in which you can grow your consciousness and your knowledge base. Dive deeply into areas of interest. Follow the topics that intrigue you, even if it doesn’t make any real “logical” sense to do so. This is a time to broaden your view of the world and look at situations from different angles. In doing so you will help to inspire and uplift others. Be your highest self. What does that look like exactly? Meditate on this and go for it.


The Moon is void-of-course for most of the day on Tuesday, making this Mars-day a difficult one to navigate. The truth is that we have lost our beacon of intuition. The Moon has briefly stepped backstage as she changes costumes before entering the next sign. From 7:44am – 6:50pm EST (4:44am – 3:50pm PST), you are likely to feel out-of-sorts. We just feel off. It is not a good idea to make any big decisions or plans during this period. It may be hard to find focus or direction at work. Stick to tasks and ideas that were already in motion – or just take the day off altogether.


Our minds are back on track on Wednesday – and then some. With the influence of the Capricorn Moon, the objective is to get to work. Get things done. You will be grounded, productive and efficient. Capricorn is known for setting lofty goals and reaching them. The mountain goat makes it to the top of the mountain by taking one step at a time – never moving forward until he knows he’s on solid ground. Be patient today and use your time wisely. This might mean that you say no to certain offers of recreation. That’s okay. Something more important is on your plate.


This strong work ethic carries over into most of the day on Thursday as well. You will find that the beginning of the day is the most productive. Use this time to continue working on projects that are important to you – or start new ones. You will accomplish more than you think is possible. After 3:48pm EST (12:48pm PST), our heads go into a fog. Once again the Moon has gone void-of-course so you might as well call it quits early. Nothing very productive will happen for the remainder of the day.


Surprises come on Friday with the Moon in surprise-attack mode. On this day she is at a square to the Sun, thereby causing friction between the masculine and feminine realms. You may feel quarrelsome for no good reason. Blame it on the Sun and the Moon. Both are in fixed signs, suggesting that everyone is going to be etra stubborn. No one wants to budge. We are stuck in our ways.


This tension begins to release on Saturday. Do your best to smooth things over by being flexible and nurturing. A little mantra in the background never hurts, either! The “Love is Space” album by Deva Premal may be exactly the balm that helps to ease difficult tension on this day. Tracks like “Om Namo Narayanaya” and “Ide Were Were” are yummy, smoothe, and irresistable.


Sunday, take the day off. Relax and be social. Indulge and spend time with family and friends. The Moon is void-of-course until 6:11pm EST (3:11pm PST) so it’s not a time to be productive anyway. Our minds become sharper and our direction is more in focus during the late afternoon and evening. Only then should you start planning and thinking toward the week ahead.

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