Mercury is direct, the Moon is waxing, the Sun is in go-get-’em Aries. It is time to move forward! Put the past behind you and charge ahead. There are no more excuses and no more delays. Let your goals and dreams grow as the Moon grows throughout this entire week, urging you to put your heart into it. It is a time to practice more physically-demanding yoga kriyas and to consciously put energy toward the goals that you created for yourself at the time of the New Moon last weekend.

Monday finds the Moon in headstrong, determined Taurus. Taurus is the sign of the bull. Go ahead and embrace the energy of the bull and get it done. See things through to the finish. Stay focused and stay grounded. Tune into the energy of the Earth beneath your feet. Get out in the garden, take a walk in the woods.

Tuesday is a day to enjoy the fine pleasures of life. Enjoy good food and good music. Trade massages with the one you love. Take a bubble bath. Get your hair done. Get a manicure. Most importantly, listen to some good, uplifting music! Gurunam Singh’s The Journey Home is a toe-tapping, energizing, uplifting album with mantras that you can chant along with throughout your day. This is a great one for the car, and also a great one to use in your yoga classes when you want to get everyone chanting along. Take note that at 6pm EST on Tuesday evening (3pm PST), the Moon goes void-of-course for the remainder of the day. As a result, you shouldn’t make any major decisions or plans this evening. Just stick to routine tasks and enjoy. This is not a time to plan or strategize. Stay home, eat and be merry.

Wednesday is a day for communication. Return emails and phone calls. Make notes, make plans, connect the dots. Connect with other people. Socialize. Go out to lunch with friends. Wednesday is the day of Mercury, the planet of the mind, and the planet associated with communication. Now that Mercury is direct, tune into that energy and patch up any misunderstandings and miscommunications from the last three weeks.

The big news on Thursday is the Sun’s entrance into Taurus, the second sign of the zodiac. Taurus is asking us to slow down and enjoy. Don’t worry so much about what you don’t have or what you think you need; instead, take pleasure in the things that you have. Take pleasure in the sky above, in the trees, in the people in your family. Take pleasure in the small, simple things. Enjoy home cooked meals with the people you love. Remember that Taurus is a very sensual, tactile sign. Indulge the five senses. This is a time for romance. Light candles, play music, keep your house warm, neat, and inviting. Put flowers in every room. Take it easy and enjoy. Pleasure yourself in simple ways. Take care of yourself. Most importantly, slow down.

The Moon enters her home sign of Cancer on Friday, setting a tone of sensitivity and vulnerability. Realize that everyone may be a bit moody so go easy on others – and on yourself. If you start to get annoyed or cranky, have a bite to eat. A good meal can solve everything. So can your mother! Tune in to the energy of the mother today. Connect with your mother – tell her how much you appreciate her.

Saturday is a good day to stick close to home and take care of chores around the house. Doing so will be quite rewarding. You don’t need to travel far to enjoy a nice experience.

On Sunday there is a short void-of-course period that you should look out for. From 11am – 1pm EST (8am – 10am PST), the Moon is in her “in between” stage in which we feel as if we have lost our sense of direction and intuition. Don’t make any big plans or decisions during this time. For the remainder of the day, the Leo Moon smiles down on us and is encouraging us to have fun. Be a kid again. Connect with children. Let your own inner child come out and play.




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